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Grado Customer Service (Bad)
My only service experience with them was very positive. I had a pair of G1000s and the wood turned sort of grayish. I’m not sure how long I had them, but I think it was a couple of years. I sent them in and they sent a new pair. I didn’t expect th... 
full range or mini's and a sub
The monitor/sub route is certainly valid, but it can cause the OCD parts of the brain to fire up due to the numerous options presented as far as placement, crossover points, volume, etc. a good 2-way floorstander or larger monitor can provide sati... 
Mint Protractor. A Pretty Nice Alignment Tool
@neonknight As a former Mint user, I believe what @rauliruegas is saying is that the Mint may be using the Stevenson alignment, which creates a higher level of distortion than the Lofgren alignment and that Mint can make a new version for you usi... 
Mint Protractor. A Pretty Nice Alignment Tool
I could have managed it with magnifying goggles, but I decided to just stay with the basis protractor.   
Mint Protractor. A Pretty Nice Alignment Tool
I had a Mint for my Basis, but I found it too hard to see with my Transfiguration cart, with a small cantilever tucked under the body. It’s probably a lot easier with a Lyra or any cart with the cantilever out in front.   
Rega P10 with Apheta 3
IMO, it’s a great table, you love looking at it, which is important, and full warranty and dealer support. Upgrading the source is not a mistake. As long as you can responsibly afford it of course. With prices rising the way they are, I personally... 
Topping D90 bass bloat?
I can’t speak about your exact setup, but when changing out any components, we sometimes forget that we took a lot of time optimizing what we had to fit our taste. When you change things you need to spend some time integrating it into the system. ... 
Stuff You Tried To Love
@bolong - I have it on vinyl, just a regular $25 pressing, and it’s the same. The first track has some issues with the recording. I thought it was just my pressing, but your post confirms what I heard as well.   
Stuff You Tried To Love
Bach had 20 kids. He knew that there’s more to life than music.   
how good is the Heed Quasar?
I think it’s a great sounding piece. Not as quiet as a Sutherland, but I much preferred the tone and body of the Heed. But if you’re one of those guys who turns the volume up full and puts your ear against the speaker, this is not it. But it sound... 
Advice and recommendations needed for a turntable rig...
Before you buy anything, make sure you have a stable place to put it. I suggest placing half a glass of water in the intended spot and walk around. If the water wobbles, you will have an issue. Been there and it’s not fun to get your new table hom... 
Acceptable to ask seller for option to return a component?
If you want to buy used with a return option, buy from TMR. They are good people.   
Denafrips Terminator 2 bs. ?
There are a thousand dacs out there. No matter what you buy, you will always think maybe you should have bought something else. Buy the best you can responsibly afford and listen to music.   
who makes custom speakon speaker cables for the Benchmark AHB2?
Try performance audio. They do nice work.   
A Big Shout out to TAP Electronics
@68pete - good to hear.  Unfortunately, I have found very few techs or mechanics that fix things properly. I went through some bad experiences in the past.