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What songs do you listen to to test a system's midrange performance?
I use something off Brubeck’s Take Five. If Paul Desmond’s alto jumps out at you, run.   
Jazz Mount Rushmore
Too many to list, but the Clifford Brown/Max Roach records are up there.   
Who out there wants to, or has, validated an amazing cable find?
I am lately very impressed with the Mogami bi-wire speaker cables. I was using older Audience AU24 single wire, which is my go to cable, but I wanted to try a bi-wired cable and after a few weeks, I’m hearing surprisingly good things. Jury is stil... 
Flexible Power Cords
Forgot- Crystal Cable. Thin and flexible, at least in the lesser models. I don’t know how much current those thin cables can handle, but they certainly are flexible.   
Line Magnetic 218a vs Leben CS600 -- am I insane? (aka when good beats great)
Maybe everyone you knew and trusted were wrong.   
Flexible Power Cords
The Cullen crossovers are reasonably flexible. Not floppy like Puritan, but sort of like pipe cleaners so you can bend them (within reason) to a shape and they will hold it. The connectors are also very good with a solid fit. The Puritans are extr... 
A Big Shout out to TAP Electronics
So now that you have it back, does everything work properly?  
vibration control - cd player
First of all, I would give you and the player 2 months to break in so you really know what it sounds like. Otherwise you’re just tweaking to what it sounds like now and it might change, which is a waste of effort IMO. After that, I might start wit... 
A good cd transport for my Chord HugoTT2 DAC with Chord M-Scaler
@toronto416 - I wouldn’t say it’s “crazy” to use the Luxman as a transport, but you might end up driving yourself crazy comparing the Luxman to the Chord. That’s fine if you enjoy it, but for me, it’s a distraction to be switching back and forth. ... 
20 Years?
@milpai - thanks. I knew a lot more back then.   
Still Looking for a DAC - Audio Mirror Tubadour v and ANK Audio 5.1
I’m very glad it’s working out for you and I’m sure it will get better. My Audio Note sounded good out of the box, but much better after about 2 months. Also, with any dacs, but especially tubes, IMO, warm up time makes a difference. For me an hou... 
Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio
La souris est sous la table.   
Footers- Break In? Such A Change.
I’m a Symposium user, so I’m not anti-platform or footer, but did you ever consider that the CMs make your system sound bad for a week and then maybe it just comes back to what is was originally?  But it sounds better now because it’s back to norm... 
integrated amp with phone for graham ls6 under $4000 new
Morrow speaker cables are good, but I would highly recommend the break in service. I’m not sure how many days he offers now. I would take at least 5 days. Whatever you buy, there will always be something else and another opinion. Personally, right... 
Where to go next with the turntable
In my experience with Linn, it was very sensitive to the shelf it was placed on. In fact, my dealer who installed it was shocked at the difference in sound between the standard wood shelf on my wall shelf and the Neuance platform, which unfortunat...