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How long do you think it will take
I wonder if Trump will think twice before awarding another multi-million dollar contract to CCP owned China State Construction Engineering Corp. to build one of his golf clubs in Dubai or prevent him from buying another 350 million in Chinese alum... 
A must watch YouTube video on stylus in the groove!!!
I reluctantly stayed at Motel 6 once and I have to admit it wasn’t that bad....thanks Tom 
What country builds the best audio equipment?
Funny you should say that miller your hot mess of a system has enough chinese equipment we should call it the millervirus. 
How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect sites like Audiogon?
Hey miller did you warn don the con too? Maybe we wouldn’t be in this trump slump. 
How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect sites like Audiogon?
Miller your posts were removed for the insults and conspiracy theories...your dire predictions you bundled in those posts were a few years too late I’m afraid. 
Visiting audio stores?
Your right big_greg it IS about the math which is why instituting a travel ban and then claiming “mission accomplished accomplished” was such a huge blunder. Instead we should have readying our medical infrastructure and testing on a mass scale to... 
Visiting audio stores?
While travel bans may mitigate the situation temporarily they cannot stop the inevitable, their sole purpose is to improve the optics. 
Visiting audio stores?
It gets political because politicians are in the drivers seat instead of scientists. 
Visiting audio stores?
Multi-trillion dollar stimulus package....looks like their feeling the Bern!! 
Has anyone heard the new PS Audio Strata, Integrated Amp/DAC/streamer?
If these new products can close the gap between audiophile vs  life style products i’m all for it.  Can’t think of a better pathway for the younger generation to get involved in HiFi. 
Keep noise creators outside your clean power zone
Did the author of that “PM” happen to go by one or all of the following names: John Miller, John Baron or David  Dennison? 
2 way, which are the best designs?
Bob Gross of Speaker Art had a knack for designing spectacular 2 ways. 
Looking for a good speaker for my metal shop.
Ads l610’s. They play loud, sound decent, have metal grills and are cheap to replace if they get damaged. 
What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?
GardeningFly FishingMountain BikingBasket weaving and the occasional midget toss 
Love it when it snows
Hell I say if we have to look at opulence on full display everywhere then why not have to see the downtrodden as well? Maybe as a society we can learn to be more compassionate. Especially to our vets and those who suffer from mental illness which ...