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looking for an integrated amp in the $1500 range
For a $1500 or under integrated you need a Willsenton R8. It gives you the option of either 4 EL34’s or 4 KT88’s. You can swap all different types of tubes and various 6SN7 tubes. Tube combinations will drive your system to sublime levels. You won... 
I’m old school. But my system is ever evolving. I dig listening to vinyl most. My electrostatics are still serving me well. No sub needed. In fact, I recently sold the sub because it wasn’t being used. I swap between tube monos and solid state Cla... 
Tube sound is not about warmth. It's about correct presentation.
It’s a pity that these conversations always lead to food fights. But I prefer tubes.   
Probable PayPal Claim
I always purchased through PayPal with AMEX. If I ever had an issue I filed it with AMEX. AMEX will then file a charge back with PayPal.   PayPal and their claims department is completely unreliable. Occasionally they rule on your behalf, occasio... 
Bought a system without auditioning, thoughts?
Auditioning?! How many here have purchased used gear for 30 years like I have without ever auditioning a single component? Auditioning, what’s that?  
Should I Sell My ARC REF 6 and Get A Pass Labs XP-32
@ghdprentice, you’re absolutely correct. The current market state of ARC is. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rug and haven’t observed all of these ARC related threads due to a tanking ARC market. Or perhaps, we can agree to disagree?  
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
Food fight! But yeah, it’s true. Tubes are beautiful. And you can swap them for infinite results. Good luck doing that with anything SS. That is, unless you plan on selling it first!  
Album Covers & Inserts
Oh no, I just couldn’t imagine all of my priceless Blue Note album covers getting ruined!  
100 Albums You Would wish for...from a Genie
Only one jazz album is worthy of being on your list? No John Coltrane’s Blue Train even? Hmmm.   
Being alone with your music
I’m old enough to say, for me that was an 8 track player. Heck, I remember when there were car turntables. Those were the days. But I love being nostalgic, for our generation grew up in the age of real musicians and real music. We didn’t know we h... 
What was your first record?
@gumbedamit, I resemble your remarks! Your taking me back to my Philly days. I actually met Kenny Gamble and Billy Paul on Broad Street in ‘75 during the heyday of Philadelphia International’s run at the top of Souls food chain. Those were the day... 
What was your first record?
Miles Davis, Kind of Blue. Many, many albums ago now. Hey, there’s a reason why it’s the best selling all time jazz record.   
Should I Sell My ARC REF 6 and Get A Pass Labs XP-32
Obviously, yes. With this current market it simply makes no sense investing into high dollar AR gear. However, good luck finding a buyer whose willing to pay you what it’s worth. It’s a shame what’s happened to AR. But PL gear will be selling for... 
A Discussion About What Level Of Analog To Stop At
I dunno. I think of vinyl listening as eliminating unnecessary gear and leaving it to a very solid preamp, tube preferably, and phono preamp. I’m not into anything digital into the chain, whatsoever, simply because you can do it. Vinyl was create... 
Budget preamp recommendation...besides Schiit.
I purchased a like new Threshold T3i for $1200 that knocks the socks off much more expensive preamps!   I also purchased an Inspire LP3.1 tube preamp for $1250 that’s as silent as I’ve heard, which allows you to swap all kinds of tubes. There ar...