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Pass Labs 1st Watt Rundown
You simply have to take the plunge. No matter someone’s experience, that doesn’t inform you of what yours will be.    Me, I’ve owned the J2 and F5. Each were very good amps. And I was driving Martin Logan’s at the time. But 25 watts was more than... 
Does anyone have a Threshold T3 preamplifier manual?
95 % of those sold are without a manual. That one too. Good idea on the wanted section, thanks!  
How serious are you?
@ghdprentice No one in the Northwest has AC. We rather suffer for the 10 days we get at 90.   
How serious are you?
Probably a 3. I’ve not turned on my stereo in 4 months. Too hot to sit in a sweet spot and listen intently. I’m on the cusp of buying a new set of tube mono’s so I’m certain that’ll start the fire again. Winter is better for tubes and Class A list... 
Class A integrated amp recommendations
Firstly, that’s one of the finest thread questions I’ve read in a long time. Well done! I’ll get to the point - Another vote for tubes. I own a pair of Martin Logan Summit’s. The price you pay for their mid range brilliance are power requirements... 
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
All I know, the Willsenton R8 is very good, and even drives my Martin Logan’s. :)  
Amplifier considerations, PrmaLuna EVO 400 versus ARC Reference 160 S. Is ARC worth it?
I’m running Primaluna Mono’s driving Martin Logan Summit X’s. Not the easiest load. The mono’s effortlessly drive the Summit’s to sublime levels. I’m kind to my ears, and primarily listen to jazz, classical, and 60’s - 70’s soul. My system has nev... 
List some of your favorite live Jazz recordings
Oscar Peterson: A Night in Vienna Ulf Wakenius, guitar  Niels Henning Orstead Pedersen, bass Martin Drew, drums  https://youtu.be/vA4wduTTwEY  
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
That’s easy. A Martin Logan 👍  
Heavy duty amp stand, Sonic benefits?
I used heavy duty solid iron Lovan stands for my entire system. Each is filled with lead shot. Each stand weighs 80 lbs. My system consists of 9 stands, with the 10th used for a TT. The stands were purchased used off Craigslist some 12 years ago f... 
Buying Used Equipment on the Internet
I’ve purchased thousands upon many thousands on 98% used gear for 30 years. I began with rec.audio.marketplace. In ‘95 through’97 Audio Review was the hottest used gear site on the internet. Then came along an upstart called Audiogon in ‘97. AG wa... 
Final? ARC Chapter...
Who cares. It’s their business to do whatever they choose. What’s with all the comments from the cheap seats? You all sound like a bunch of old ladies gossiping. Be better than that!  
Múnich 2023 Pro-ject Dark side of the moon turntable
I am just very happy with my system.
I’ve been happy with 20 systems for 38 years. Never stopped me from experimenting with different products. But now I’m done, mainly because I’m too old and too tired to sell and ship gear.   
user poll on seperates vs integrated
For $10k you can purchase a tube preamp, monoblocks, speakers, and a turntable. You simply have to buy them used. I’ve done it. The most expensive item were $9.5k speakers for $3300. I own Primaluna KT88 mono’s that also accept EL34’s. My preamp ...