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It is my understanding that VPI no longer supports the HW-19 series. 
Pass Labs Aleph P power cable
I used a Zu Mother as my whole system is Zu Cables. 
Please Help - Int Amp Problem - Can't Firgure Out
It sounds like your speakers are out of phase. Make sure your speaker cables are hooked up correctly, + goes to + & minus to minus. Check it, don't assume you did it right. It has happened to me. 
Spade connectors from Romex to outlet?
Do not use spades on an A/C outlet, they are not designed for A/C. Spades will stick out too far and might not fit back in the box without breaking. Bob_reynolds is correct about finding better outlets that have flanges that crimp down on the bare... 
Experience with Coda Model 10
The model 10 should work fine with SL3's. I'll scan you that review & some other info I have on the Model 10. Send me your email address via private email. 
Experience with Coda Model 10
I had a Model 10, great amp, wonderful build quality, very similar to Threshold as developed by ex Threshold designer. Smooth, quiet and powerful sound, don't let the smaller size fool you. I only sold mine to upgrade to an all Pass Labs system. T... 
Reel to reel tape
There are four active and three that have sold on eBay right now. Tandberg TD-20A. 
Reel to reel tape
You will get much better results in your search on eBay and elsewhere if you spell Tandberg correctly. 
Pass X150 is producing "Pop" during power-down
I have a Pass Aleph 3 (single ended) paired with an Aleph P and there is a very slight, single thump when powering down and a even less audible thump on power up. Neither is a problem at all. 
Four80East album
" the album " 
Acoustic Sounds Customer Service
Why don't you just call them, explain the problem and ask them to send you some non wrinkled sleeves to replace the defective, wrinked ones .... 
How to re-terminate Tara Labs AES-EBU cables
Contact this company. http://www.moon-audio.com/ 
Pre amp for Pass Aleph 3
Pass Aleph P with the Ono. 
How do you clean your RCA female inside ?
99.9% Isopropyl alcohol, then Deox-It, then Caig Pro-Gold, all applied with a folded pipe cleaners. 
Any good Audio stores in and around Portland?
The Audio Gallery (503-699-8888,Lake Oswego), Echo Audio (503-223-2292), Stereotypes (503-280-0910), Pearl Audio/Video (503-222-2599), Chambers Audio (503-221-0465) and Stereoholic (info@stereoholic.com) both (appointment only).