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Rega Planet or Cairn Fog
I have the Fog (with upsampling) and it is a great sounding cd player, use the balanced outputs. It replaced an Audio Research CD2 in my system. You will not be disappointed. 
Do I need or want preamp tone controls
You don't need tone controls, 98% of high-end preamps don't have them. 
Dedicated line question
A dedicated line, in my system, means a separate circuit breaker and run of Romax (or other cable) to a single duplex wall plug (grounded to the service ground or with it's own ground) with no other junctions. Just having one or more additional pl... 
Hi end audio who cares
Most of the people that visit this site have a high resolution system or would like to anyway. The others buy Bose and the like. Just remember, YOU are hearing the music that is absent from "their systems". They have no idea how much content goes ... 
I need top quality banana plugs.
Cardas or WBT should do it. 
Albertporter only needs 50
I have used ProGold as a contact enhancer and found that a metal cleaner followed by Deoxit (to remove all cleaner residue) and then a coating of ProGold works well. Another product I have used in the past as a cheap contact enhancer is RailZip, u... 
Good speakers for Pass Aleph 3?
I have an Aleph 3 driving a pair of Silverline Sonatinas ( Avalon style) and they are a great match. Great amp, by the way! 
Albertporter only needs 50
Maxgain, remove your outlets and clean the copper wire ends with brasso, flitz or wenol. I cleaned the wire clamps inside the recepticle also, along with the blade contacts, use a toothpick and pipecleaners. You will be amazed at all the black gru... 
Anyone had experience with Odyssey Stratos?
Visit www.harmonicdiscord.com for lots of info on this amp. 
Class A solid state power amp
I agree with Unsound and Jameswei. I also have a Pass Aleph 3 and enjoy it very much. Your gear looks like it would match well with the amp. 
Pass Aleph vs. McCormack: What to Expect?
I have an Pass Aleph 3 also and found a very good after market power cord makes a big improvement in bass. I am using a NBS Monitor power cord with great results. Believe it or not, putting the amp up on 3 brass spikes also helped. 
Counterpoint Hybrid Amps: How do they sound?
Check out this website for all your Counterpoint needs:www.altavistaaudio.com 
Stereo or Home Theater?
I think one of the main problems is that people think that one system will satisfy both camps. I have found the best way to go is to have two separate systems in two locations. Unless you are an avid videophile, you will, most likely use your audi... 
Is the "red dot" the same as R or L?
Red normally means "right" or "positive" 
Looking for speaker to match with pass lab aleph3
Check out Silverline speakers. I am using the Aleph 3 with a pair of Sonatina I's with great results. Make sure you invest in a good after market power cord, like NBS. Gjrad is correct, 45 min. to an hour warm up for the best results.