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Sound Quality or Convenience?
I just recently purchased a Pair of Triangle speakers from a gentleman that replaced 2000+ vinyl recordings for CDs and went from tubes to a tripath amp and is currently using a Mac to burn 1400+ cds for a combination Home theater, uses the 20 inc... 
Try looking for a earthquake mkiv-10. They are inexpensive and are very quick sounding all the way down to 25hz very musical and way under your budget. 
MP3 and Ripped, here's a question for you guys....
Yes it will 
Mixed Results from My Hifi
I changed from SS to Tubes, because all the music just sounded kind of harsh. I have tried KT66 SE, 2A3 SET, a 5881 push pull but have become hooked on a EL34 based unit. They all sounded quite different, but the EL34s just sound so gutsy. I have ... 
monster avs2000 or richards gray 1200
Richard Gray is a Parallel Current device not a power conditioner. The Monster AVS 2000 is a voltage regulator designed to keep voltage at 120volts. With a M520 by eastern electronics the music became lifeless with the AVS2000, this device worked ... 
Rogue Cronus vs. Onix sp3
I found the Onix SP3 dry. I much prefer the EL34 sound, it sounds gutsier? I think the Onix was closer to SS sounding where the Rouge sounded more musical perhaps less sterile?The Onix sounded wonderful with wooden instruments and with small group... 
Eliminate system hum
I have found several brands of EF86 tubes are very sensitive to RF noise. Make sure its not any of the tubes by moving your hand close to them,(do not touch them) if the noise level changes then try another tube. If you have a Tube Cage, try takin... 
Mixed Results from My Hifi
SORRY, didnt notice the link for the photos. How, well, smart.Listening room. Hard surfaces everywhere. Try a rug infront of your listening area. Move the speakers out from the wall, perhaps on the rug. 
Mixed Results from My Hifi
Please describe your equipment. I could be the combination of SE or SET and single drivers or the type of tubes your running. Push Pull seems to work excellently with Rock and Roll and SE or SET are my favorites with Jazz. Single drivers with SE a... 
Best music store online or off?
Elusive Disk 
Amp Hum both sides, No left side signal
I live in MN fly me out and we can work on it together. 
listening to music in the car
OMG Its no wonder our country is in trouble. Rich people have no connection with the rest of the country. Pretty soon there will be poor and wealthy. Just think Mexico City. Where the rich run scared and the wannabe rich kill everyone to get it. O... 
Which integrated: Nait 5i, Panache or Shanling?
I like my Eastern electric M520 better than the shanling stp80. Especially for Jazz. It just seems more musical than the Shanling. Talk to Bill at Morning Star. I think he even has one with upgraded tubes on sale on audiogon. 
Machina Dynamic Brilliant Pebbles?
Humm, Tube Dampeners, Cryoed Tubes, Silver Interconnects, OFC Copper Wire, WBT Connectors, Isolation Mats, Quantum purifiers, Magic Voltage purifiers, virtually everything on audiogon is similar. (but just between you an I, I wish I had created it!) 
if you had 2500,what player stands out????
Shanling CDt-200 with parts connexion mods level 1 or 2 if you can get it cheap.