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Beeping sound coming out of left speaker?
You do not mention equipment. Tubes? SS? Whats hooked up to the speakers? What type of power conditioning equipment? Does this just happen right when you turn your equipment on? If its tubes you could be experiencing warm up of a bad tube. If you ... 
Tube amp recommendation for $1000
Onix SP3 new for 999 or used from about 600.00 best el34 push pull for the money. And very quiet for even efficient speakers. 
HDCD 'best one box player' recommendations?
denon 3910 upgraded by parts connexion. easy buy and unbelieveable sound 
The Future: No More Shiny Discs. Who Benefits?
We still use tape and vinyl for hardcore¬ís. Some still do not use shiny discs. Last year vinyl had a record no pun intended, year in sales. As the 10 - 20 year old crowd become latent adults they may drive the market, but with the resurgence of tu... 
Static electricty - Can it damage audio gear
ESD is a primary cause for damage to Surface mount chip technology, or in other words most home theater components. ESD can be produced by leather rubbing poly carpets or wool leading to a HUGE voltage discharge. If you feel a spark it could be th... 
Is there a reference book for tube substitutions??
Several resources on the net just google, try Tubedepot.com also. I have a program that is called Duncans Amp Tools TDSL version 1 it was a free program from his website that crossrefrences tubes from various sources including schematics. Very cool. 
Small quality HiFi subs reaching 22Hz
Earthquake mkiv-10 or 12 they are cheap at 300.00 on the net. 
Problems with Shanling CDT-100 remote
Shanlilng CD players
I have a CDT-200 with level one mods and I think it is easily the best CD player that I have ever owned. The sound is fluid and easy to listen to. The level one replaces the 2 tubes for the CD out side and use Burr Browns on the digital side. I hi... 
Anyone Used the New Mullard EL34 Reissues?
I have a set. They sound very good compaired to the stock tubes on my M520. Sweeter with better imaging with Cain and Cain abbys. They smelled like they were burning however so I removed them to see if it was my amp or the tubes. It seems like the... 
Analog tuners in the digital age
Slim Devices makes a Digital to analog device to go from your computer to the amp so if radio ever goes totally digital then a converter will probably be avaliable 
are all power conditioners noisy?
Perhaps you have DC voltage from the outside transformer that is comming into your lines. This will make a transformer HUM in a power conditioner and or a transformer in a amp. You can check this with a Digital Volt meter yourself or have the powe... 
How long does it take for transformer smell to go
Andy,The smell might be the tubes? Transformers should not smell unless they have been breached especially on the ming da. Break in smell should only be for a couple of hours at the most. I have had several tube amps only one which had a HOT smell... 
Midrange hiss....VERY slight...with my Dared pre
What type of tubes are in this unit now? Do you know how old the unit is or really how many hours the tubes have on them. What is the efficiency rating of your speakers and what brand? Single driver or multiple? 
Hard drives and usb converters: Ext versus int
Internal HDs work great. Then check out the following websited to get connected. http://www.slimdevices.com/ if you decide to get one of these let me know as we could go in on two and get a discount.