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Burned out hi fi salesman
Oh CS, Before I became a Audiogon Buyer and purchased my Valve amps I purchased all of my Audio equipment at Retail locations. I wish that Some Salesperson would of Recommended Tubes to me before. I feel I missed out for the last 10 years. When I ... 
Which Intergrated amp for starter??
I have a Dared MP7 SE amp for sale 500.00. I sold all my SS equipment after I heard this amp. I just recently upgraded to a pair of ASL 845 SET amps and this amp is a extra. It is in Excellent shape with Original tubes and Extra 6l6 tubes. ThanksDave 
Burned out hi fi salesman
I have recently sold all my SS equipment for Tube equipment. Every one that I have dealt with, Cain and Cain Eastern Electric, and parts connexion were not only Enthusiastic but brimming with information on how to get the most from my equipment. B... 
Home Theatre in-ceiling speakers?
I used NXT (not NHT) for my surrounds in ceiling and in wall that work really nice and were very inexpensive for a 8 inch three way. Purchased them on the internet, prices do vary but I held out and purchased them for under 100 for each pair. 
a great take on big$ cables
Sorry about the error in my last post the wire is 16awg not 6 and my runs are 8 Feet long. 
a great take on big$ cables
Actually my BEST Speaker cables are DIY made from 6ag solid wires from Home Depot just wind them about 2 twists every inch or so. They cost almost nothing and sound better than any cable I have tried, mostly monster cables as well as the very low ... 
Problem with Cain and Cain Abbys
Have measured the standing OHMs of the Abbys and they are good at 7ohms. NO shorts. These speakers do work on my Solid State Equipment with no problems. 
Dedicated Line
Strands in cables react with each other in a home wiring scheme. Solid core is best with 60 cycle AC period. OLD OLD wiring was at one point stranded. Solid copper lasts longest and will make the biggest difference. 
Popping from light switches and refrigerator
All your circuts share a COMMON Ground. A computer grade or medical grade circut could be pulled but the simple solution is to isolate a single circut from the 4 that you have and ground that one on a dedicated or non-shared ground. It should cost... 
simple HDTV question.
True HDMI cables all support HI/DEF. I use a Philips hdmi cable PTX-1000 series. Cheap at 42.95 Works will with my sony XBR60 LCD. Let me know if you want one or just look for them on EBAY I sell them there. Thanks 
Need advice on subwoofer
Try out a earthquake MKV-12 or 15. Price is right and you just cant beat it for music mkv-12 is fast but capable of impressive DB even down to 20hz. You can get them for great deals on the net. I ran onto them at CES with the MKV-15, as they were ... 
Subwoofer has a Hum
Just purchase a Blue Circle BK-86. It will take care of it and you wont have to unGROUND your equipment. 
Inexpensive PC's? Blue Circle 61 Power Cords?
My experience with BC products are as follows. I recently purchased BC-86s from Walt. They performed just as Advertised - no false claim - they exceeded my expectations. Walt is a excellent person to deal with and very quick to respond to question... 
Problems with shipping to Canada
I ship to canada 5 to 8 times a month. With USPS no problems. With Fedex no problems, but talk to your FEDEX REP first. The purchaser pays all fees up front. The Import duties are the purchasers to take care of. - When fedex brings this through cu... 
Any experience w/ Earthquake subwoofers?
I have used both the MKIV-10 and the MKV-12. I have not heard the MKV-15 yet. The MKIV-10 is Fast with very good response down to about 25HZ after that it falls quite rapidly. They worked excellent with my Bright Stars, they are very musical, and ...