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Hafler DH500
Check out Odyssey Audio. It won’t break the bank! 
Y No YG ?
Probably the same reason you never see one of these at the local Friday night cruise night! 
Is the 2.5 way speaker the ideal home speaker?
I have the Spendor A5r 2.5 speaker. If it has 2 crossovers, 900 HZ and 3.2 HZ. I still don’t understand why this is not called a 3 way speaker? BTW, the bass is outstanding on the s 5 inch woofers! 
where are Primare products manufactured?
Give this dealer a call and ask where Primare is made. Most likely the answer will be China. 
Check out Sanus stands! 
Need tube preamp recommendations please
Quicksilver made a 300B amp? Never saw one of them! 
Ugraditus is calling....again. Phono stage?
Rogue Audio might fit the bill! 
Am I dreaming?
Check out Yamaha! 
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II and What Bookshelf Speakers
The Harbeth C7 is about $3500. If you listen to mostly rock you should check JBL. Some of their book shelf speakers are within your budget! 
Romex and breaker switches
+1 yogiboyWhy would anyone need 7 dedicated lines in one room? That is ridiculous! 
Looking for amp advice (punk, rock & reggae edition)
Another brand to research is Van Alstine. Fet amps are nice! 
Question for tube aficionados
Never sub a 12 type tube for a 6 type tube. The number is the voltage. Hence 12ax7 is 12 volts! BTW, a 5751 has 30% less gain than a 12AX7! 
Floorstandings to go w/ Peachtree Nova 300?
There is a nice pair of Spendor A5s listed here in your price range. Spendors are great with classical and jazz! 
Old or new gear
QS made in China? Where did you get that information from? 
Old or new gear
Why are you surprised? The OP is looking for a tube amp!