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First investment into a turntable
Here ya go! 
Why buy used? Van Alstine amps are within your budget. Made in USA! 
Turntable upgrade recommendations, please.
Check out the Gem Dandy Polytable! 
Need recommendation for amplifier
500 ohms is high? That seems low enough to me! 
Audio Research VT100MKII power switch stuck on
Use something like this until you get it fixed! 
Best course of action
You will not free up any power on the Rogue. To free up power you would need a separate amp and preamp and a sub with a high pass filter. If you use a sub you will be running the speakers full range! 
Need recommendation for amplifier
Check out these Van Alstine amps. Dahlquist sound nice with mos-fet amps! 
Analog integrated amp recommendation
Check out this McIntosh. It has some features that you don’t need but that’s not a big deal! 
Cassette Tape
EBAY! Maxell and TDK were always the brands I used back when I had a cassette deck! 
New Vandersteens or something else?
Monitor Audio is made in China. You said you did not want speakers made in China! 
Phono Stage Recommendation $3000
Manley Chinook will fit the bill! 
Thoughts on best budget phono pre-amp under $400?
My friend has a Budgie (very nice). Be aware that your cartridge needs at least 5 mv of output. The gain is on the low side ! 
KEF, ProAc, Monitor Audio and others
After you do some tire kickin’ give Harbeth a listen! 
connecting a sub-woofer to a preamp
I use these! 
601 fuse size
Are you sure about the fuse location ? That amp has a sentry monitor ( circuit breaker) that is fuse-less !