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Old or new gear
I have the QS mid monos. They have a built in bias led meter. They also have the option of using different types of tubes.You can't beat them for the price! 
Vandersteen 2CE Signature II: Is it worth the price of $2700? Why are so many for sale?
Years ago I owned the 2Ce and the 3A (preferred the 2Cs). I found Vandersteens very placement critical. My dealer suggested a Spendor floorstander and they did the trick for me. I have been a fan of Spendors ever since ! 
Tube integrated
This VPI looks like a winner. The only option it doesn't have is a XLR input. But not many of them do have that! 
Looking for speaker recommendations for CJ Premier 11A
In a room that small you should keep away from rear ported speakers. A sealed speaker like this Spendor would shine with Conrad-Johnson gear! 
TO BE OR NOT TO BE the user of a record clamp
A record clamp and a record weight are two different animals! 
Harbeth P3ESR or Monitor 30?
@offon57Don’t ruin the Harbeths with those ported B&W subs. Not a good match! 
+1 yogiboyWhy would anyone give a recommendation without a budget listed new or used ? 
Getting into tubes
Check out Manley. It has all the features you want minus auto bias! 
Integrated or Receiver?
"Just checked the manuals of a couple of Integrated’s. Looks like Onkyo amps need at least an 8 ohm speaker for bi wiring. But Marantz says a 4 ohm or higher will work. Same with Yamaha. That is good news." I don’t understand why bi-wiring would c... 
I need a headshell recommendation for Technics 1200 GAE
Here ya go! 
Integrateds: Why do they all SUCK?
Croft ! 
Budget American made speakers?
Sony is made in USA? That's news to me! 
Trying vinyl, need some help!
You said your budget was under $600. The last time I looked the Grado Master was $1000! 
additional processing and customs charges on goldring 1006 or nagaoka mp150
The Grado Gold would be a good match with a 12 gram arm. It is within your budget! 
additional processing and customs charges on goldring 1006 or nagaoka mp150
Do you know what the mass of that tonearm is? It’s not listed on the specs. You will need to know that before choosing a cartridge . You want arm and cartridge compatibility!