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Versatile, non-fatiguing speakers for a small room under $1500 used or new: advice needed!
I am late to the party here - and so many great recommendations on wonderful sounding speakers.You could also look into powered monitors . A great choice for the room size you have are a pair of EVE Sc207 , https://www.eve-audio.de/index.php?page=... 
Refoam for ProAc Response 3.5 Woofers
@jjss49 so sorry for the long delay . I found a number of repair shops which said they do Proac' s. Bill said he stopped due to the extremely tight tolerance . I suppose he had to many repairs returned on them . CK Speaker repair in SoCalSpeaker r... 
Refoam for ProAc Response 3.5 Woofers
@jjss49 I have checked with ProAc. yes they have replacements. You need to go to the US Importer . The quote was right at about $400 per speaker. Seemed a bit much to me > $1600 for the pair. There was a refinished pair of complete Speakers  in... 
Speaker Woofer fix for rubber surround cracking ..suggestions pleae
I found out  Bill @ Millersound has stopped repairing ProAc's.Looking for a foam surround repair near eastern PA . Any suggestions?  
PROAC RESPONCE 2 replacement drivers ???
wondering if this thread still works :) I called Bill today to see about replacing my surrounds on  my 3.5 's . He said he will no longer work on ProAc's as they are too tight a Spec. Now what :(  ?  
Looking for recommendations on Tube AMPS to drive Monitor Audio Platinum Speakers
@soix  so after communicating with Don he is advising me against his AMP as he is not convinced 65 TUBE  WPC will be enough to effectively drive them based on the speaker specs from the MFG . It may be time to look for different speakers :(  
Looking for recommendations on Tube AMPS to drive Monitor Audio Platinum Speakers
thanks all so far@verdantaudio I have been checking out the VTL offerings I will be checking in with Ralph but is seems some of the OTL's are not  so good with the major phase swings and if I do go with Atma-Sphere my fear would be I will need clo... 
Looking for recommendations on Tube AMPS to drive Monitor Audio Platinum Speakers
thank you all so far @glow_worm thinking the AMP has 36 watts of tube amp power  it met the low end if doubled?@jjss49  yes AR is in the house ( on paper only so far)  so to speak for reviewing @freediver  excellent question . also the impedance o... 
Rogue Sphinx or Belles Aria???
I have only had experience with the Rogue, both the v1 and the V2 .I would assume the v3 is better . It was a winner and the phone pre on the v2 was SO much better .    
Will a $700 turntable outperform a CD player?
I am feeling some sellers remorse right now....last week I sold an early restoration by Chris Thornton of Artisan Fidelity my Thorens TD 160.Plenty of fine albums out there from the 60’s and 70’s for under $10.as far as outperform...I suppose if y... 
What's the best non-DAC streamer?
Thank You @hgeifman  for your concise notes . It will help me to as I am going through the same process as the OP . I also do not believe I  need to spend as much. The other interesting post was @rockenator referencing the interface . Also I plan ... 
Don't like vinyl
Excellent first post @kashani ….however when driving that restored car keep your eyes on the road to avoid the pothole. Not as easy with Vinyl...when you close your eyes to enjoy the music. Every once in a blue moon,  when that scratch is heard - ... 
Should people with no turntable or reel to reel be considered audiophiles?
@geoffkait >>>>I totally agree. The human bean brain works through impulses. Many audiophiles hear via impulses through the ears but separated In between by the vast emptiness of space.Oh my I am still laughing this thread went from go... 
Integrated Amp $1200 or less
Rogue Sphinx 2 Used  
Bookshelf speaker for an apartment
I love when folks don’t read all the posts first . Just kidding at least read the OP's posts entirely .Good luck with the new speakers . I hope they give you many years of enjoyable listening.