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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Neil Young , After the Gold Rush  
Child Damage Mitigation
+1 pictaker5 perfect solutions indeed For those of you suggesting stand-mounts - be careful there as well. My 3  year old son was able to poke a hole in the tweeter of a nice pair of Mission Speakers with a pencil. How or why I will never know . A... 
Are Bowers and Wilkins speakers overpriced?
@dill you fuckin crack me up Never forget rule #1: Never listen to kenjit ....  and But James, Macintosh doesn't make amps, McIntosh does.How do you like them apples .... 😀 Pure Classic and I do have B&W , Klipsch, Celestion, Monitor Audio a... 
Usless but interesting ....how many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?
Like you offered in the subject line Interesting but useless! . Brings back a ton of fine memories . Although I went with the JBL 26's my best friend in the music world choose the large Advents . The 100' were to pricey even though they were my fi... 
$3000 stand mounted speakers?
I went through a similar Journey a year ago. However my room is much smaller  @ 13 x 15 . My list had a number of speakers already listed. Including Dynaudio Special Forty ( loved the Contour 20 much better  Maybe used $3500). ATC SCM 11 or 19 , P... 
Atma-sphere Updates
Wow just saw this thread . Ralph and Atma-Sphere have been nothing but professional and insightful in their activities on A-GON. Someone is definitely mistaken about the company and their dedicated employees. 
Need under $1500 preamp for my system
Don’t overlook a used  Atma-sphere UV-1 .  ~ $1250 It will warm up your SS amp . It is Simple and clean - oddly cool as well. 
Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor Gone?
Having read the article - link . it appears as if the battle with cancer gave him some insight with what to do with his future.  I may be reading into this - and- fortunately it may be in remission.``````Raskin, 62, said he was retiring to focus o... 
Which belt-driven table to play Rock vinyl?
I recently upgraded as well. Similar thoughts to your described needs  and also in the same budget. I do listen to a lot of Jazz Fusion as well as Classic Rock . However,  there is no heavy metal or rap in my collection.I really wanted to go VPI a... 
Congratulations Atmasphere!
Congratulations Ralph . We all look forward to hearing more in the near future .  
Has anyone seen this? A really beautiful turntable
"visually enhances the experience of listening"Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen - and get lost in the music. 
Budget Tube Amp (newbie)
Don’t throw out the ST-70 idea just yet . I loved them as well in the 70’s when a couple of college friends had them and I didn’t. There are a number of good options mentioned above for both Tubes Amps and Tube Integrated. I decided on a used Ultr... 
Beware: New (at least to me) scam being run on Audiogon members
+1soundermn `~~~ as suspicious as it gets .Thank you Tony  and AGON   
Best Analog for $10K
+1 atmasphereTechnics SL1200G  for DD  and will compete with BD and will probably last you forever+1AgribbaAllnic H-1202 or Herron VTPH-2A (~$3500) - I am looking  for either one of these now as  I use a Lehman Black Cube se2 and ready to move up.... 
Basic integrated amp for $700-$900
+1 on the Rogue Audio Sphinx - 1 or 2 . Version 1 is obviously  less costly and the phono was not nearly as quiet as the 2  . I have had and enjoyed both . Still have the 2 . You don't need the phono but maybe you will like the Rogue better and wi...