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Albums you played endlessly growing up
High Tide and Green Grass.    Stones  
Better Records White Hot Stampers: Now the Story Can Be Told!
Anyone with a large collection of records knows that some records stand out as being truly great examples of recording, mastering,  and pressing.  Big deal.  I can’t think of a better way to turn off budding audiophiles interested in vinyl than te... 
Reference Recordings
Yes Reference Recordings only sound good when played on MC’s system. 
What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.
I missed Frank, but attended a Zappa plays Zappa concert about seven years ago.Dweezil is a genuine guitar wizard and the band was amazing.  Frank would be proud. 
What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.
I used to get psyched up for high school basketball games listening to Peaches and Regalia.  Didn’t help much in our losing 1969 season, but I became a Zappa fan forever. 
Artists you feel you can rely on, buy any new album unheard.
The Rolling StonesThen and now. 
Mickey Mouse Ears
Very timely post. Lol. My ears are seemingly pinned against my head. You can barely see them looking straight at me.  I was playing around cupping my hands just the other day and thinking just like you.  The earglasses would perhaps be my least ex... 
Ringo Beaucoup of Blues
Hey bdp24Always enjoy your comments about musicians and recording history.  They often coax me to dig through the collection and dust off underplayed gems.  And thanks OP, I’ll be looking for Beaucoup. 
Remarkably better sound possible with just 1 system component change?
What an excellent reply to MC on only your 13 th post.  You have been listening and learning.  Me thinks the speaker upgrade usually makes the most difference, especially when you already have great gear.   
Converting two-car garage to listening room. What would you do?
When you get set up and are adjusting your speaker positioning.  I recommend you listen to the great music by the Cars. 
What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.
I think they really work well if you put them on springs. 
Late Night Jazz
Those OJC reissues are really pretty good.  Several years ago I purchased a lot of them through Acoustic Sounds  if my memory is correct.  At the time, a bargain, for about $10 each. 
Rodrigo y GabrielaInstrumental 
Tweeters are silent on my Wilson audio Sofia 2
Wow. This should have been addressed 10 years ago.  Are you bi wiring?  Are jumpers missing?    
DIY Stylus Guard Help
I don’t think the Denon is going off to be rebuilt.  Read MC. Read.