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How long do you or should you keep your gear.
McIntosh MA 6100 and JBL 65s purchased in 1979 still jamming.  Thorens TD 160, TD 124 and 125 still spinning.  I love vintage.  I have some newer stuff too but it is also fast becoming vintage.  Pretty soon, now is going to be a long time ago.  
Two of the most powerful words ever
Madonna sang well about the power of “goodbye”    
In the beginning
The initial invention of music was portrayed in the 1981 movie “Cave Man” with Ringo.  We obsessive audiophiles are the result. Low brow humor for sure. I R Weasel.  
Is participating in this Forum infringing on and spoiling some of your listening time?
I don’t post all that often. I used to spend too much time reading equipment threads when I was looking for new gear.  Now I mostly scan the music threads and albums for sale.  Not really to buy, but for ideas on what music to select from my large... 
You Cant Buy It but you Can Build It
So much for being a minimalist.  
What is that weird noise in the mix of Sympathy For the Devil?
What a great number! I love the Stones.  Four shows over a fifty year span.  
Neil Young Archives 2
That's why it's called "Archives".  
I did the right thing after all.
Please let us know when you feel the need to replace the crossovers and do all the other internal mods as per Miller. 
Massive computer meltdown sends audiophile back to the 1970’s and better sounding LP’s!
Best practice is to turn off all unnecessary (not in use) components during playback.  This is fairly well known among audio enthusiasts.   For maximum effect don’t stop there though. Turn off lights refrigerators, air conditioner etc.   Similar t... 
The "British Invasion". A question for you old farts out there.
Paul Revere and the Raiders defended the country against the British Invasion.  I caught them with the Stones around 1966.  “Kicks” is a great tune. 
What song have you played the most?
+1. Last Chance Texaco 
Audiophile-grade ground rod?
Check out Fremer’s article “The electrical cure” in November Stereophile. 
Who Were Your Mentors
Me Pappy 
If your down on your system…
My imagination runs wild….. 
Best Way to Upgrade Digital
What are you using as a transport for your CDs now?  I continue to use a Benchmark dac1 pre and a Cambridge CD player as a transport.  Works well and sounds amazing.  Certainly you and I can spend a lot and improve, but we want to keep the cost lo...