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can i recreate the sound of vinyl by encoding the vinyl frequencies onto digital audio?
I guess the train left me at the station a long time ago.  When I want to recreate the sound of vinyl, I put a record on the TT. 
Thorens TD-125 MK1 with SME 3009
If it is all there and working, jump on it.ebm’s check list is good. 
Vpi. Aries scout or traveler?
Go with the Scout 
audiolab 6000 CDT transport
Would you please comment on the slot loading feature?  Top CD transports rarely include a slot. 
How do you go about selling large speakers?
CL. ?? 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
I meant the speaker line MC was dancing around.   Good luck with your search. Such a long list from which to choose. 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
It must be Tektan. 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
The adjective “intimate” is used by the OP and several of the respondents.  I’m wrestling with this in terms of describing loudspeakers.    I love my gear, but so far I haven’t been intimate with any of the various components.  (That’s a joke, so ... 
Does it improve the sound of a MM or MI cartridge by playing it through a phono stage?
It is necessary 
best-sounding class D amp?
I reside in the mid-fi world of our obsession so I would not presume to suggest a candidate or even subscribe to the notion that a “best”class D amplifier exists.  I did however purchase, without a listening session, from Wyred4Sound their ST 1000... 
Charlie Daniels dead
I don’t want much of nothin at all, but I will take another toke. 
Pioneer Direct Drives - Now and then?
Hi ErikWeird suppositions guy here.  Guilty as charged. I have read your posts for a long time and enjoy your enthusiasm for audio.   I was/am surprised (blown away) that your diy energy had not yet bubbled over into vinyl, a tweaker’s dream.  I a... 
Grado Hemp Headphones
I generally provide my own hemp when listening. 
Pioneer Direct Drives - Now and then?
I’m blown away at your post Eric.  You have been a member since 2005, 9000 posts, and you sound like this will be your first turntable. You want to spend $1000 but you claim you will buy as little as 5 albums.  You also want to set it and forget i... 
Why Don't More People Into Music Reproduction At Home Play Around With Musical Instruments
I have “played around with guitars” since I was quite young.  My parents even purchased lessons.  My teacher suddenly died of a heart attack and I felt responsible because I could not improve.  Result was a deep respect for how talented real music...