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Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
Alkan - Concerto for Solo Piano (Marc-Andre Hamelin; Hyperion CDA67569). I picked this up some time ago and just listened to it recently. A stunning work; the 3rd movement can be seen here: 
Dumb question? WHAT IS YOUR SEAT/ CHAIR?
A glider rocker with gliding ottoman. I asked this question a long time ago with some humorous responses: 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
Gammajo-Hyperion CDA67480 for Couperin Keyboard Music 2My misprint.Cheers. 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
Two Angela Hewitt recordings have remain unshelved for more than a year; one in the main system and one upstairs. I heartily recommend the 2004 Hyperion recordings of Chopin Nocturnes (CDA67371/2) and Couperin Keyboard Music - 2 (CDA67440). These ... 
Anyone here experience with Triangle Titus spkrs?
I have the 202 version in a second system with a Jolida tube integrated amp. These speakers are great with tubes and have a wide soundstage with detail, especially considering that they were only $500 new. In my application, they are ideal because... 
HDCD a flash in the pan already??
FYI - 
So You Think You Know Your Mozart?
Man-I missed the Requium...9/10. 
iPod earbuds for exercise
Thanks for the responses. I saw the Nike vapor sport buds at the Apple Store web site. I was considering them, but they have quite a few negative posts there, which got me to thinking about the issue a bit more. Noise is a problem that I forgot to... 
Anyone Using XM or Sirius On Their System?
I run Sirius through a benchmark dac from a dish network satellite box via toslink. The dac is an improvement but not worth the cost unless you want it for other uses also. However, it is not FM quality as compared to my tuner and clearly sounds c... 
Haven't played my LP's in 20 years - still good?
Perfect sound forever. 
cd stand down and see. 
Outstanding Drum Performances
Jack de Johnette & Foday Musa Suso - music from the hearts of the masters. 
An observation about "Modern" classical music.
Imagine an encore for 4:33........................................... 
Baseline hearing tests
Is not the spousal voice the only thing that cannot be heard? 
Musical Fidelity with B&W
I currently use the A3cr combo with 9nt's. It is a paticularly good combination for classical chamber and acoustic jazz. Quite detailed and a very broad yet stable sweet spot. On over-compressed popular recordings with female vocals, it can sound ...