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your favorite violin or fiddle cuts, and why?
"Chiacona A Violino Solo", composed by Antonio Bertalli. From the cd "Unarum Fidium" performed by J. Holloway. Why? Just listen... 1600's fiddle! How can one not like it? 
Tubed CD Player w/ solid state amp?
I have been using a Cary 308-T cdp with a ss MF amp. No complaints, although I think the tubed output on the cdp gives it a slight mid-bass bloat (but warming up the sound a bit was my goal, afterall). As a side bonus, it recieved high WAF after a... 
Ground Loop Humm/Buzz from Television
This may or may not help, but I'll relay a similar experience. I had a buzz when the tv was on, regardless of where it was plugged in and the grounding status of the tv (it is 12 yrs old and connected through coax cable tv, and located 0.3-4 m fro... 
What hurts a speaker?
A recent and real story: Fired up the amp only to jump backwards at a deafening and startling sound. The 1.5 yr. old had adjusted the volume (to the top) and switched the tuner on. The woofer seals both split. Fortunately, it was the cheap (relati... 
Recommend speakers for a strange move
With respect to HT, I was about to just say don't do it. But I suspect it might help WAF; at least it is a new and ready excuse as an application for the gear. 
Good Classical discs for "beginners"
I really don't like compilations either, since they sound "fragmented" to me. If you like violin, you can't go wrong with one or both of the following discs performed by John Holloway: Unam Ceylam (Biber) or Unarum Fidium (Schmeltzer). I cannot st... 
Is "live" music sound possible for under $1K
Here is a thought: How about an entry level tubed integrated (JoLida, nOrh, or others?) for less than $580 new paired with a used set of monitors or mini-monitors (e.g., Omega, Triangle Titus, B&W LM1, etc...). You would also need a few bucks ... 
Lately, I have been listening to John Adams - Naive and Sentimental Music. It has an enormous dynamic range and is interspersed with quiet, contemplative, and ambient sections. I think one could compare the essence of nature invoked in some passag... 
Has anyone tried Signal Cable?
I think if you do a search on this topic you will find archives with essentially the same title. Give it a try and see. 
fabric for curtains to tame echo in my room.
Also try a valence - it will add an irregular layer which will help with dispersion. 
What's your latest "Discovery"
Thanks for the tip, Jax2. Have you heard any of the Biber Mystery Sonatas? I am wondering if they are similar as well. 
Review: Verastarr StarrCable Speaker cable
Vtgrumpy - why would you post a review of this product considering the following statement: "didn't really use the cables long enough for them to fully break in, but I'm sure that if I did, they would have been a very welcome addition to my system... 
Review: Audioquest 6+ Speaker cable
I don't mean to be grumpy, but I am not sure what is being reviewed here. Is this Audioquest Type 6 speaker cable? In any event, the text as written is very difficult to follow, and I'm not really sure that there is a review in here. You state tha... 
What's your latest "Discovery"
Unam Ceylum - Biber violin sonatas by John Holloway. Absolutely outstanding virtuosity and well recorded. Hard to imagine that these pieces date to 1681. 
Good sources for oddball recordings
http://www.artist-shop.comhttp://www.disciplineglobalmobile.comTwo sites for mostly independent progressive music. The former is more diverse (includes Camel, etc.), the latter includes the King Crimson family of musicians.