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Apple or PC?
A recent article in Macworld indicated that there have been more than ~160,000 viruses written for Windows and only ~60-70 for Macs. I use both platforms at work, but I highly prefer OSX because of its stability. 
Audiophile Music Cd's besides Baby Einstein? is excellent and enjoyable for all at this stage. Something that is played over and over again will become very memorable to both the child and parents and invoke many pleasant memories. Of all the "children music" I have t... 
Best Genesis Album - your opinions please.
Rooze-I like that SH reinterpretation as well. Another suggestion is the new Naxos modern classics release composed by Tony Bank (Seven-A Suite for Orchestra, London Phil.). 
Dead Can Dance's Into the Labyrinth
Rja-Spot on attitude; your comment reminds me of the occasionally mentioned quote on Sirius classical "reminding you that all music was once new". Marco-I took the El Cant recommendation as well. Spinning non-stop. 
Anyone try thr new Sirius satellite radio system?
I use it through my dish network sattelite reciever at home as background music while working. Certainly compressed, but quiet and much better than any FM I can get in the sticks. There is occasional digital interference, but sometimes I am utterl... 
Serenade 13 in G Not Ruined By Starbucks, Please
When I first read this, I immmediately thought of the Hayden string quartets (Kodaly Quartet on Naxos) as well; I like op. 1, no. 5&6 and op. 2, no. 1&2. Vivaldi is also nice in the AM. Try Carmignola "Late violin concertos" (Sony Classica... 
What early 70's rock bands had violins?
Renaissance (early-mid 70's). 
SACD - Dying already?
I read an article in a popular magazine recently that stated how MP3 has changed music for the better the way that CD's changed it 20 years ago. I believe it was in Runner's World, and the article was about a different topic - but I have seen simi... 
Why would anyone want to listen to a harpsichord?
A nice solo harpsichord piece I heard recently was Chaconne in C major by Bernard Storace available on a compilation disk of Renaissance/Baroque Festivas by the Belladonna Baroque Qt. (Dorian 93228). It is suprisingly lively and piano-like. 
Classical music recordings upgrade
CBS, New York Phil. 
Classical music recordings upgrade
Has anyone heard the Naxos box set (Edlinger/Zagrab P.O.)? For 33 bucks, I wondered how those performances and recordings compare to some of these previously mentioned classics. BTW, I personally cannot tolerate the Bernstein recordings unless pla... 
Glenn Gould piano recording of Beethoven
I think it is a relict of Sony Classical engineering from that time period. If you listen to the Leonard Bernstein Beethoven symphonies, you will hear similar weirdness, which includes the soundstage swirling back and forth (try listening to the c... 
Best system to be done for $4500-5000.
Considering your intentions, I suspect that the MF integrated might be a good option since it has the bypass you mentioned. Many people intend to get in to (or back in to) hi-fi because of home theatre, and unless you really are a movie buff, you ... 
Srangest ,most out there sounding music
Most any John Cage will fit in here, but the antithesis of silence is a piece called "Solo for Voice 22, Theatre with Electronics (from Songbooks, 1970)". It is a duet of sorts that involves electronically filtered sounds of breathing and sniffing... 
Frequencys Of Pop Clicks and like
I am sure any any radio astronomer or astrophysicist would agree that pops, clicks, and hiss occur at every frequency that can be measured.