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XLR waste of time ?
Yes, it's a waste of time. The adapters don't create a true balanced signal, and the result is the same as a single ended RCA connection. I don't know the K5x-e, but if it is truly balanced then the RCA inputs are basically wired as internal XLR a... 
Steely Dan live last night
I caught Becker and Fagen at the New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2008. Fantastic! Jon Herrington was on guitar and the band was in fine form. 
japanese imports
I've used cdjapan. Thumbs up. 
Is Pass Labs Xono An Overkill For Rega P5 TT?
I use the XONO with a rebuilt/rewired Yamaha PX-2 and a Denon DL-304 cartridge. It seems like a weird combo but it sounds very nice. The XONO is am excellent phono pre and I would go ahead with it if you can get it for a good price. It has enough ... 
Does ATSC QAM mean it has a built in HD tuner ?
One other thought on receiving unencrypted QAM channels. Most cable companies don't provide mapping information for their digital cable channel numbers. I use Cox in New Orleans. For example, CBS HD is mapped to Cox channel 704. If I want to watch... 
A/B and D class Amps What's the Difference
This is a tough topic to summarize, but I'll try. Check other sources for more detail - I've glossed over a lot of fine points here.Let's look at how each species of amp handles a sine wave:Class A, AB, and B are linear modes; i.e., the output is ... 
Does ATSC QAM mean it has a built in HD tuner ?
Over-the-air and cable HD transmissions use different modulation schemes. ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) is the standard for over-the-air transmissions and uses a 8 VSB (vestigial sideband) modulation scheme. As someone else pointed ... 
Processor for Oppo Bluray SACD Native DSD mode
Kr4:One of the potential advantages of DSD is simplified D/A conversion that avoids use of a reconstruction filter as required by PCM. Thus it makes sense to try to avoid the conversion if possible.The effect on the sound of the conversion from DS... 
Balanced connection XLR microphone cables ?
I bought a pair of inexpensive balanced mike cables from Guitar Center to tide me over while I ordered some "proper" audiophile interconnects. To my surprise they sounded terrific and only cost me about $60. 
female ballad song or artist from early 2000's ?
Isn't there an iPhone app that will allow you to hum a few notes of a tune and return a list of recorded versions? 
Effects of using y-cable from pre outs
The y cable will connect both channels together so that the signal going to the sub, left and right channels will be the same, effectively mono.Either get an amp with dedicated sub outputs, which should be electrically isolated from the main pre o... 
Low Frequency rumble?
How close is your turntable to your speakers? You might be getting acoustic feedback. 
Baby Steps back to Tubes.
"Remember that a tube watt will play (4) times as loud as a solid state watt."Gee, and all along I thought that P=EI, where P is power, I is current, and E is voltage. I guess we need to rewrite basic physics in light of this discovery.... 
Billy Cobham's Spectrum
The CD is OK, but try to find the out-of-print DVD-A if you can. Great album! 
Silver solder--what wattage soldering iron?
One more thought - consider a temperature controlled iron. These have a thermal sensor near the tip and vary power as required to hold the selected temperature, which is settable.