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Silver solder--what wattage soldering iron?
When I learned electronics in the 60's, acid flux was a no-no for electronics. It would cause corrosion in the weeks following the solder operation. Acid was for plumbing only. 
Cloning Class A Classics Continued..
There are still patent issues to contend with. Nelson Pass is kind enough to share some product design with the DIY community, but I'm pretty sure he stipulates that any use be non-commercial. I think there was a licensed clone of the Aleph 30 ava... 
The Better My System Gets....
I agree with the above comments for most pop music, but for any improvised music you attend to hear the state of the music at that performance. If it's a band or artist you know well it can be exciting to hear the sound evolve through a series of ... 
How do you remove a tube Key?
Make sure you're insulated, the amp is unplugged, and the filter capacitors are discharged before using a tool to remove the key. Otherwise you might get a surprise if your metal tool accidentally comes into contact with the plate or screen grid p... 
Recording DVD-Audio?
Check out the Diskwelder software to author DVD-Audio disk. 
4 Ohm Speaker with an "8 Ohm Minimum" Reciever
A 4 ohm resistor in series will soak up half the power sent to the speaker and release it as heat. You may not be able to get enough volume out of the system. Your resistor also needs to handle the power. I'd suggest a power rating of at least P*.... 
Anyone have trouble with Dvorak Stabat on Telarc?
Your power amps could be clipping. Have you tried listening close up with the volume set low, or through headphones at low volume? That would help you eliminate the power amps and speakers. Less likely but possible are that your CD player is overl... 
Convert a Dynaco ST-70 into a guitar amp?
Remember, the purpose of a hifi amp is to sound clean and uncolored. On the other hand, coloration and distortion are at the heart of guitar amp sound. I think the ST70 uses 4 EL34s for about 35 watts per channel. You'll need to push it pretty har... 
Is it the transport or DAC that enables HDCD/Red?
Kijanki: Sigh..., of course dynamic processing is part of the picture, but you left out much of the article and only picked out the paragraph that seemed to support your statements. For the rest of the story:"Dynamic-decimation filtering is HDCD's... 
Is it the transport or DAC that enables HDCD/Red?
Kinjanki:Actually the HDCD process has improved since I last looked at it years ago, and my memory was wrong - it produces a 20, not 18 bit datastream. Again it is much more than a simple dynamic range switch. See: 
Is it the transport or DAC that enables HDCD/Red?
Add the Esoteric P-70 and I believe the D-05 to the list of DACs that support HDCD. The Classe SACD-1, SACD-2, and several Cary players also support it.Kijanski - there's much more going on with HDCD than dynamic range switching. The recording is ... 
Audience Interconnects for analog
Once you're past the DAC the signal is analog, just like the phono, tape or tuner. Sounds like they're selling tone controls rather than cables. 
Glass Optical cables for WADIA??
What Mofimadness said.Which Wadia Dac and what transport? 
Nightline- vinyl segment
Xiekitchen:The amazing thing about a dancing bear isn't how well it dances, but that it dances at all! 
Potentially Dumb CD Burning Question
To make a DVD-A you must properly format the DVD and contents to conform to DVD-A standards. I use Diskwelder Bronze ( to author DVD-A on my Mac.