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VTL repair success
Actually my impressions of VTL service have changed quite a bit. I emailed VTL just the other day regarding an used Siegfried Mk1 amplifier. Bea got right back to me asked a few questions and followed up again promptly. People change and so do bus... 
Why so much love for Mcintosh?
@hamr I’ve been thinking about pairing up the MC611 with a Mcintosh C1100. How’s the resolution and detail with the combo? 
How long can a electrolytic capacitor last un-used?
@atmasphere Thanks Ralph. I appreciate your offer very much. Since Ward of Audio Research passed away I’ve been wary of buying older equipment due to enormous expensive of servicing and shipping. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I miss coming ov... 
How long can a electrolytic capacitor last un-used?
@atmasphere Thanks Ralph. This is Mike Moe. Not sure if you remember me locally, but used stop by your shop a bit when I owned your equipment. I.E remember when I had to have My MP1 board clean because Pro Gold was used inside and was migrating ov... 
What's been your turntable ownership over the years?
BSR Phillips 212Luxman PD 121Oracle Delphi mk2Rega ?Bluenote ?Roskan XerxesLinn LP 12 basicAcoustic signature?Sota Sapphire Clearaudio innovation wood. current SME model 10. Current  
Help with SME 309 arm lift. Will not lower or rise.
Thanks everyone I was able to get the arm lift to work again. Maybe this site has some useful purposes after all :) LOL  
Help with SME 309 arm lift. Will not lower or rise.
I used a .9 mm Hexagon wrench I had to purchase. It seemed work fine. .89 mm wrench would basically be a .9mm wrench 
Isoacoustics don’t seem to work for me, help
My Gaia Titan’s sound better on carpet without the carpet spikes.  
Help with SME 309 arm lift. Will not lower or rise.
@millercarbon I’ve tried to back it up but I messed it up.looks like I’ll have wait till SME contacts me Monday   
My kiseki Blackheart nightmare.
@mijostyn: looking at how many post you have seems like you have nothing better to do than spend your day trolling and posting juvenile comments like yours above.@lewn: I suspect the suspension in the coils has something to do with. It’s funny how... 
My kiseki Blackheart nightmare.
The dealer that stood by my side was HI FI sound in Minneapolis Minnesota.I can’t recommend them enough. If your looking first class service oriented dealer in the Twin cities area Hi Fi sound should be at the top of your list.  
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
It’s funny how using the right words brings out the ones those words attract the most, the haters. I’ve owned more high end amplifiers than most and currently own a pr of Mcintosh MC611 monos. They’re one of the best amps I’ve ever owned. For all ... 
SME 309 HTA Key. Does anybody know how to get one or an alternative?
danmar123Are you sure we are talking about the same thing HTA Key.? It’s not an Allen wrench.Looks more like a torx head. 
Why Audiophile Cables Might Sound Better
Because they’re better. Get it.  
Little Constellation ever sold used
I should say for some feedback why.