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Magico M9 The new 'norm' in speakers
The NA sayers will always follow their ideology that is based two things: they either don’t have the ability to hear the difference between a $1000. vs $750,000. speaker or they know they never will be able to afford it so to ease their pain they ... 
How about Mac and Accuphase
Brands like Accuphase and others imported into the states are over priced due to their markup by distributors. Luxman on the other hand established headquarters (Luxman North America) here in the states and cut out the middle man. This allowed the... 
Luxman M 10x
Just received mine a few weeks ago. I owned the M900u, Rowland 625s2, and Mcintosh MC611 amplifiers all in the past 2 years. The M-10x is by far the best amp  I’ve owned and significantly better than any of the previous amplifiers I have mentioned... 
Is Mark Levinson still considered up there with the best of the best?
I should have did my homework a little better before I started this thread. John Curl was the chief designer behind Mark Levinson products when they were in their infancy and Mark Levinson was the man who promoted the product under his name?   
Magnepan 20.7i Amplifier Pairing
Audioresearch all the way. Match made in heaven.  
Audio Research Ref 75 SE: Replace 20A IEC inlet with 15A
Just buy a 15amp to 20amp adapter. Your playing a design feature that is part of the amplifier’s power supply requirements. Foolish!  
Schiit Freya + Class A in Stereophile
I think their rating system should have a class A low, medium and high high rating. This should be for all A,B,C,D. Clearly this preamp doesn’t have to build quality or reach the level of class A $10,000-100,000. Sonically. What this reviewer hear... 
Sad to say I need a new amp…
@wb27  Maybe it’s a supply shortage the reason for 6-8 week wait on a new amp. Give belles a call.    
Reasons not to freak out about tube supplies
If your worried about tube supplies buy extra sets and stop worrying about your next tube failure and enjoy your equipment!  
Are Quicksilver power tube amps in the same league as VAC, VTL, BAT, ARC, ...?
The answer is no if value your resale investment. Audioresearch and VAC will hold their value much better than quicksilver.  
REVIEW: Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
A friend of mine let me try a pr. Here are my thoughts: good cables with some attributes that are up there with some of the better cables, but overall another attempt to un thrown more expensive cables at a affordable price. I took them out of my ... 
Speakers that sound like Usher Be-20s/10s
Hello: a smaller version of Ushers  
Does anyone have any recent experience with Kharma loudspeakers?
To rediculus  Seems with so much dislike for your past experiences with speakers you might look at the rest of your system as the actual problem.  
What makes the biggest difference in sound quality?
System matching is the most important aspect of great sound. Having a system of equals works in harmony with everything else. Pairing a expensive pr of speakers with less than electronics results in frustrations and miss guided assumptions that so... 
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
Audiophiles drive very fast in their cars to get home to listen to their stereo! LOL. This has to be the stupidest question I’ve ever encountered on these forums!!!