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New KT150 tubes?
If you go to ARC's new web site you will see what looks to be their new amp. It's not out yet however, and the curious thing is...it's using KT-150's. Surprise! They don't tell me anything. Are the KT-150's downward compatible you ask? No answer y... 
Audio Research Vs115
ARC recommends using their parts especially when it comes to the resistors around the output tube circuit because they are flameproof wirewound resistors. These parts are used to minimize circuit board damage when an output tube arcs. Instead of u... 
New KT150 tubes?
I shall try and ask this week. 
New KT150 tubes?
If those are indeed KT-150's (difficult to tell) in the Ref250's that would make perfect sense as that is part of the life testing process. If I talk to the factory next week, I will inquire about the KT-150 status and availability. Hopefully our ... 
Sadly missed manufacturers
Dayton Wright.... 
Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
No sir, I was not....Fixing TV's does not qualify someone to fix complex vacuum tube audio equipment with solid state/tube regulators. It's obvious to me you have had some unresolved issues with service providers in the past and that is unfortunate. 
Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
Don, I am a warranty repair station for ARC and I find you comments to be rather offensive. I am not some independent hack. I've been fixing ARC gear for more than 20 years and was friends with both Nancy and Bill Johnson. Last year I drove over 1... 
Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
You can email the factory: service@audioresearch.com 
Audio Research VT100 upgrade to VT100 MKII
The best update was to the VT100 mkIII as it did away with the innerstage DC balance adjustments which can be a real pain. Most people with the MKI and MKII just replace the front end tubes and output tubes without making those adjustments and it'... 
upgrade from Audio Research SP6C
The SP-6C is good, the SP-3C is better if you like a warm tube sound. The 3C has a recently updated FET regulated power supply. The SP-8 is a better sounding preamp than the SP-6C.and sounded a lot like the SP-6E as they both had tube regulators. ... 
Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
As I explained above .0024 mfd caps will not give you better sound and are not coupling caps. You can try emailing the factory for this information. 
Audio Research Reference 3 Seeking help
ARC never used .0024mfd as a coupling cap. I do not know where you are getting your info from. That value is way too small for a coupling cap as well as for a bypass cap. 
ARC Preamp going to full volume
Sounds like one of the volume control IC is failing, or the voltage regulator that supplies voltage to the chip is faulty. 
Contact info of Steve Huntley
I do not have any contact info on Steve. Sorry. 
Audio Research d79 blows plate fuse
Not so fast. You may have damaged a resistor near the problem output tube if it is indeed an output tube failure. If you replace the output tube and a resistor(s) failed, the tube may not light or the new tube may be damaged. You should have the a...