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To Pre or not to Pre? Here is my take
"What does this tell me?That absolutely the ls preamp is adding its own sonic signature to the mix, in theory that equates to probably a more "dirty" sound but to me this was the sound I preferred."I disagree. ¬†What it tells you is that the volume... 
Recs for solid state integrated, $2-3,000 range
Micromega IA-400 or AS-400 are also great options. Get the AS-400 if you want to stream to it via AirPlay. I saw some on here marked down to $1500 or so which is a screaming deal as I think they were around $4k originally.I spent a lot of time wit... 
Any thoughts on passive v. active speakers?
I've owned both active (linn) and passive systems and found that passive better suits my personality - in that it allows me to mix and match, buy and sell equipment.A good active system does many things well, and probably the best option for someo... 
Pass XA 200.5 versus X-600 for MBL 101D
What is lacking with your current system?Your amplifiers are the last item that I'd consider changing if it were my system, however if you are determined to go Pass - I'd choose the XA without hesitation. 
AV Receiver recommends
If sound quality is high on your priority list, then be sure to audition a Cambridge. I own a 751R and it is an outstanding performer. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as most of the others, but I do not miss them one bit. 
Parasound JC-1 or A31
Go with he JC1's. 
Size matters- recommend small system or component
I use a Cabridge Audio receiver and Focal Dome speakers to create shockingly good music. 
System upgrade advice
I think the problems are the speakers first, the Rotel second. The Proceed is a fine preamp and absolutely NOT a bright component.Another speaker to add to your list is Aerial, they are extremely listenable and certainly not fatiguing. 
Looking for speakers under 3000.00 used
Aerial 10T is one of the best values on the used market IMO. Great speaker. 
Bryston 28bsst2 worthy upgrade from a krell fpb70?
Zero chance I'd replace a Krell FPB 700 for a Bryston. Zero. 
Most overrated audio manufacturers?
"I could sell you a Camry for $25000 or I could put another label on it, coat it in gold, sell it for $100k and say it is a better car, but is it?"I hate to say it, but this is irrelevant. What defines "better"? If someone is willing to pay the pr... 
what the best amps run revel salon2 stronger bass
What amps have you tried?I would recommend you give the Parasound JC1 mono's a try. Maybe it's just time to try a new speaker?? 
Transparent Stereo From Surround Preamp/Processor
In my experience, there is not a processor that will NOT impact your 2-channel system.A few great ones include the Meridian 861 (I owned one but it still did not come close to my 2-channel setup) and the Krell Evo 707 which I auditioned but again ... 
A/V Receiver or Separates
Do you have a multi-channel amplifier? If so, then a processor would be the logical choice. Having had both types of systems, I find that a receiver is perfect for my A/V needs. It's cheaper, consumes less space, has excellent video processing and... 
Pass Labs 350.5 or Parasound Halco JC1 Monoblocks
I have and ended up buying the JC1's. Both are very very good. To describe the differences are tough but to my ear I found the Pass a little more "liquid" and the JC1's more detailed and dynamic. The difference's were not huge, especially with the...