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Parasound Halo JC-1 factory capacitor change
I own a pair of JC1's which were purchased new in 2012 and have the Nichicon Gold caps.If you are considering these amps I cannot recommend them highly enough, they are fantastic IMO. 
iFi iDAC, Micromega MyDAC, Shiit Bifrost?
I own the MyDAC and wouldn't say it lacks in the low end at all. To my ear its low end is every bit as good as the Esoteric universal player it replaced, and better in most areas.I can't speak to the others you mentioned as I've never heard either... 
Looking for a DAC
Try the Micromega MyDAC. I've been very impressed with mine for nearly a year. 
Levinson 326s or McIntosh C200 ?
Levinson 326 gets my vote. It sounds fantastic and the user interface is the best of just about any component I've ever used. It's dead quite and very resolving. The blackest background I have heard in my system.It's the one component I have no re... 
Nice system. My advice would be to try a new DAC, the Cambridge is good but there are certainly better.Many of which you can try risk free in your home. 
CD player with Tube Output or Music Server
I've owned several VERY ($10k+) high end CD/SACD players and recently experimented with a server/DAC setup and I was stunned at how subtle/non-existant the SQ difference was between the two.The choice comes down to what you like. I personally miss... 
The Audio Research Reference 10 is here $30k
Personally, I have no problem with ARC releasing new Reference products whenever they like.Automakers release new/updated products every year.. I see no difference.The older ARC products continue to function just fine with every new release, and t... 
Where to invest
I agree completely with Samhar. 
Macintosh MC452 or Mark Levinson 532H
I've also owned the Cary SLP-05 and agree that it is an outstanding preamp. I did miss the bottom end grunt of solid state however, and the lack of remote functions was also a major issue for me.I would happily recommend the SLP-05 to anyone, but ... 
Macintosh MC452 or Mark Levinson 532H
DTC,I can only speak to the 532h as I haven't heard the 532. 
Macintosh MC452 or Mark Levinson 532H
I use a 326s with a pair of Parasound JC1's and it's a fantastic combination. Be sure to give them a listen if you consider straying from a full Levinson rig.In response to DTC, I found that the 532 is quite a bit different from the 432. I agree w... 
Macintosh MC452 or Mark Levinson 532H
I vote Levinson. 
Parasound or Micromega Dac
I own the MyDAC and am very happy with it. Let us know how it stacks up to the Parasound if you do compare them.I'm using a MAC Pro and just basic iTunes ripped as .wav. I'm very pleased with it. 
Micromega My DAC to improve sound of Rega Apollo
I can't comment on your Rega as I've never heard it, but the MyDAC is very good. easily besting my Esoteric DV-50.For the money, I find it hard to beat. 
Accuphase E-460 or Bryston BP26 / 4Bsst2
I would also go for the Accuphase if I were in your shoes. Make sure you listen to everything before spending your hard saved cash.