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Pass Labs 350.5 or Parasound Halco JC1 Monoblocks
I have and ended up buying the JC1's. Both are very very good. To describe the differences are tough but to my ear I found the Pass a little more "liquid" and the JC1's more detailed and dynamic. The difference's were not huge, especially with the... 
What cables are you running with your ARC gear
I've also had excellent results with Audio Magic cables and ARC equipment. 
My Parasound A21 review and VS Emotiva XPA
I know I'm in the minority here, but I like Brownsugar's enthusiasm. We were ALL here at one point... believing we had a great system only to hear a new component which made us re-evaluate what was possible, and what we considered "great".Browbeat... 
Cary 500 MB or Mark Levinson 531H
What sort of sound are you trying to achieve with change? What is lacking in the Cary's that you think may be present in the 531's? 
Any Pono player owners out there?
I will not be buying one simply because I do not care for the man behind it. My Astell & Kern does everything I want it to do. 
Sweet spot in the AudioQuest line of cables
I really like my Colorado/Meteor cables. 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
I'm also pretty shocked/disappointed that the Berkeley doesn't include a USB input. 
Best beer
I'm already on it. Search "Lloyd Christmas". :) 
Preamp Choice oppurtunity
I'd choose the VTL. 
Pass Labs SR1 Speakers
I sure hope so. 
RMAF - Loudspeakers that you don't want to miss
I completely agree with Bombaywalla's urging to check out the Classic Audio room. I heard it a few years ago with Atma-Sphere electronics and it was an amazing experience.While the speakers have the look & feel of the 1950's (with true craftsm... 
Help me spend $3000 on a used amp
I'd keep an eye out for a pair of Parasound JC1 mono's. They "might" fall into your price range and are outstanding amplifiers.I'm also a big fan of Pass and certain Krell amplifiers. I've always felt Ayre was a bit thin for my tastes.Good luck an... 
New to digital high-end, need help
Good choice on the 10T's... I also use them and still think they are fantastic speakers.I've tried tons of different pre/amp combos with them. Give them plenty of clean power and you will be rewarded. 
Mark levinson 432
Sounds like a capacitor issue to me. 
Album which you have listened to most?
Easily number 1: Alice in Chains - Jar of FliesNot sure about the order of the rest but all have been played LOTS...Mark Knopfler - Shangri-LaFloyd - DSOMAntonio Carlos Jobim - Elis & Tom (LOVE this album and pretty much everything else he has...