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Parasound JC-1 vs. Pass Labs X350.5
Cant' go wrong with either IMO. I own the JC-1s and absolutely love them.I've listened to the X350.5 at my dealers showroom countless times and could easily live with it.The JC-1s just seem a bit better however in high-bias mode, especially in the... 
How Do You Calculate Watts Per Channel?
In your first scenario the full 400W are being SHARED among all the drivers. For sake of simplicity lets say there are 2 drivers, and assume that they have exactly the same impedance and efficiency. Therefore the two drivers will perfectly split t... 
How Do You Calculate Watts Per Channel?
I was not trying to state what Wattage was being consumed by the speakers at any given time, merely the theoretical power available which is how I read the OP's question.I think most people think of this question in terms of a perfect 8Ohm load an... 
How Do You Calculate Watts Per Channel?
If you are bi-amping with 2x200W (@8 Ohms) amps then yes you have 400WPC (@8 Ohms).As Al said above, the instantaneous power is a function of the impedance of the speaker at a given frequency as well as the power supply of the amplifier.Utilizing ... 
McIntosh 452/601 to replace Pass X350.5, good?
Get the Pass checked out. If you seek more resolution and detail, the move to Mac would be a step backward in my experience. 
Mark Levinson 333.5 vs Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblocks
Zero chance I'd replace a Levinson with an Emotiva... especially the 333.5.No chance what-so-ever. 
I have owned a Nakamichi PA7 amp. How would you
The Micromega MyDAC is a great unit and very reasonable priced at $399. 
Amp for Revel Ultima Salon 2
Parsound JC1 mono's. Thank me later. :) 
Pass x250.5 or Bryston 14BsstĀ² ?
Pass Labs. Not even close. 
Linn majik ds + mark levinson 360 vs akurate ds
In my experience ML has more weight that Linn. Not that Linn is thin necessarily, but it's not quite as rich as ML. ML is a tad darker while Linn is lighter on it's toes.It's difficult to accurately describe so you really do need to listen to this... 
Linn majik ds + mark levinson 360 vs akurate ds
I think the only way you can answer this question is to audition both combinations and answer it for yourself.I've owned Levinson and Linn digital and they are both good, but different. 
recommend an amplifier for rockport mira 1
I've heard Rockport with Ayre power and was VERY impressed. Granted it was a top shelf Ayre system (KX-R/MX-R) but I wouldn't hesitate to pair one of the lower priced Ayre model amps with Rockport speakers. 
Lottery Winner would buy what kind of Stereo Gear
I'd be too busy dating supermodels to worry about audio.... 
iFi iDAC, Micromega MyDAC, Shiit Bifrost?
I use both... USB from my audio server for critical listening as well as SPDIF from my DirecTV tuner. 
Parasound Halo JC-1 factory capacitor change
I own a pair of JC1's which were purchased new in 2012 and have the Nichicon Gold caps.If you are considering these amps I cannot recommend them highly enough, they are fantastic IMO.