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bryston 28b sst2 or levinson 532H
Levinson is a safe bet with Revels. 
Please, recommend me
I'd choose the Pass. 
PS Audio PWD MKII HiFi Tuning fuse direction
"Electrons don't carry the signal so I suspect we can probably rule that particular theory out. In fact, electrons in the conductor are kind of just sitting there, drifting along at a couple centimeters a minute. "With all due respect, you don't k... 
PS Audio PWD MKII HiFi Tuning fuse direction
It doesn't make a difference in cables or fuses. Electrons do not care what arrow direction a manufacturer may put on a label. 
Krell fpb300/evo420e vs pass x350.5 any opinions?
What are you looking to improve from your current sound? All the amplifiers listed above are fantastic. The Pass amps will not have the tremendous bottom end of the Krell amps (nobody does bass like Krell for that matter), but do other things a bi... 
Preamps built Into DACs
Digital volume controls are much more troubling in my mind, as the only way to reduce volume is to start discarding data. 
Preamps built Into DACs
Threads like this make me laugh.Even if you choose to go "no preamp"... there is still a preamp involved!! It's just a lower quality preamp, tagged onto the digital circuitry, sharing the same power supply as the digital section. No thanks!Do you ... 
Best one-chasis CD/SACD player under $15 000?
Playback Designs MPS-5 would be my choice. 
Oppo 95 vs. Mac Mini + dac
I vote for option 3. 
Pass Labs XA30.5 or ARC VS115 is better
I'd choose Pass. 
Best 2 ch. Amp, for music, under $1k used
Another vote for McCormack amplifiers. 
Are marantz ma500 monoblocks better than an adcom?
I'm not saying the MA500's are bad, they aren't. They were very good for their price point, however so is your Adcom from what I remember.If you bi-amp then I suspect you will see an improvement. You should also try bridging a pair of the MA500's ... 
Are marantz ma500 monoblocks better than an adcom?
I've owned MA500's and I doubt they will be a big improvement over your Adcom.If they are local, give them a try and hear for yourself, maybe you'll like them. 
Build a new system around pair of Snell Alll's?
Make sure the JC1's you audition are well broken in. They have a notoriously long break-in period. 
Build a new system around pair of Snell Alll's?
I would also recommend you consider the Parasound JC 1s for your Snells. I found nothing near their price point which came close when I was shopping. Honestly, I found nothing I liked better at any price of what I was able to listen to.