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New amps for Classe Wilson system
Stick with what you know and love IMO. The JC1s are the one part of my system that I do not consider changing, they are fantastic amps. 
Where can I buy Krell FPB 400CX used amp?
Well played Marakanetz! :) 
today i got my new Focal Electra 1038BE ,help
With your budget, and the fact that you are still missing 3.1 of your home theater, I think you are going to run out of budget quickly if you are going to match the Focal BE's.If so you may have no other choice than to go with a receiver or lower ... 
Setting up wireless digital music server
Another vote for Sonos.**** Sonos owner and loving it disclaimer! :) 
Are all external hard drives the same?
I use Hitachi Ultrastar 1Tb drives and have had excellent results with them. I know that many VERY large cloud storage companies (which I won't name but guarantee that you have heard of) use these which speaks volumes to me. 
room size for Pass XA30.5 power amp
You will be fine unless you listen at extreme volume levels. Make sure you have great cooling in that room as the Pass amps run hot, but sound fantastic. 
today i got my new Focal Electra 1038BE ,help
Congratulations on the new speakers. Before anyone can help you we need to understand your budget and goals.To answer your question "there is a way to enjoy music without high volume?" - yes, there is.This is often determined by your equipment cho... 
Tube Amps for Revel Salons
Look into Parasound JC1's. 
Best iPad Software for Digital Streamer
Another vote for Sonos. 
would 50 feet speaker wires be harmful to amp?
The impedance swings of your speaker is much more challenging to your amplifier than any additional loss that a cable may add. 
Top or best amps for merlin vsm
If I had Merlin speakers there are only a few amps which I would pair them with due to my experience with them. I would absolutely put Joule at the top of that list. I've also heard them with Atma-Sphere amps which I would be a very close second. ... 
How do good car amps sound?
There are some outstanding car audio products which do all the same things that audiophile home amps do, you just need to know where to look.Check out brands like Audison and Sinfoni, both which are heavily biased into Class-A operation. 
Mcintosh 601's vs Classe CA-M600's
The JC-1's are absolutely in the same class as the amps you mention. Don't let their price tag fool you.Yes I am a current JC-1 owner, and have owned amps from Mark Levinson, Classe, Linn, Pass Labs, Ayre, and a few more I can't think of at the mo... 
Classe CA-M600 vs Parasound JC-1
I've compared the Classe CA-2300 (300W x 2) to the JC-1s and ended up buying the JC-1. The Classe is a very nice amp, but I found it a bit thin in direct comparison to the JC-1s.The big Parasounds just had more of everything that I was looking for... 
bryston 28b sst2 or levinson 532H
Levinson is a safe bet with Revels.