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Positive experience with Ayre
I agree that Ayre is a great company that makes fantastic products.   
Ordered my new amp today... been a long road!
Great choice!  I use Parasound amplification with my 10T's and they are a great match.  Let us know your thoughts when you get the new system up and running. 
Used DACs in the 10k range
Esoteric K-01x 
Atma-Sphere, Ralph Karsten
I don't own any A-M gear either, however one of the best sounding systems I can remember hearing was using M-60 mono's and an MP-1preamp driving Classic Audio T-3 speakers at RMAF a few years ago.  Super impressive and if I had the space and $ I w... 
Parasound service problems
In my experience Parasound has outstanding service, and makes excellent gear for the price.  Give them a call. 
What are the speakers you very rarely find in the Used market(Audiogon or Anywhere)?
Aerial 20T V2!  I want a pair 
Audio Research Ref 3 set display off/on.
I believe yours is working correctly, it defaults to display on and you must adjust.  That's how my LS26 worked. 
anyone here tried Parasound "New" JC-5 amp
Sad to see no high-bias mode on the JC-5. 
Mark Levinson 326s vs Ayre K5xeMP
I agree @bar81 the KX-R is in a different league.  The old K-1Xe was significantly better than the KX-5 in my experience when I compared them head to head.The 326 is not the cutting edge, but I think it's a really nice mix of performance, features... 
ARC LS26/27 vs BAT VK31SE
I've owned the LS26 and I agree with @big_greg in that it's not a "tubey" preamp.  It's very close to a good SS preamp with a hint of tube warmth.  In my experience I was able to get very similar results from a Levinson 326S.Can't speak to the BAT... 
Mark Levinson 326s vs Ayre K5xeMP
I compared the K-5xe to the 326 and chose the Levinson.  I have heard the MP and it was better than the standard xe - I have not heard the Twenty variant but knowing Ayre it will be a noticeable improvement.With all that said, I would not trade my... 
Is the Cary SLP-05 still relavant?
LOL @ebm  - love your comments.  :)The SLP-05 is a fantastic preamp and one that I regretfully sold.  The downside is a very limited remote control, volume control only.Sonically, it does it all from top to bottom. 
Soliciting Member Perspectives: Levinson vs Bryston vs Audio Research
Oh, I forgot to mention that resale value on the ML and ARC gear is another key factor in my mind. 
Soliciting Member Perspectives: Levinson vs Bryston vs Audio Research
Levinson:It just exudes luxury and quality to me.  I love the way the buttons feel, the way the knobs turn, the displays, all of it.  They sweat the details in my opinion.  Pride of ownership is thru the roof.  I also love the sound.  It's smooth ... 
Soliciting Member Perspectives: Levinson vs Bryston vs Audio Research
@n80 The HPA2 is no slouch, I wasn't impressed with the AMP line of Proceed amplifiers, but the HPA's were in a different league.