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Free SPL Meter App - From a US Government Agency
+2 tomic601, let's all go buy eavesdropping devices and scatter them around our home too while we're at it!!No thanks. 
Pass Labs - 350.8 stereo vs. 260.8 monos
I agree with ozzy in that I preferred the 350.5 to the 350.8. 
Pass Labs - 350.8 stereo vs. 260.8 monos
XA Mono's > XA Stereo > X Mono's > X StereoWell relatively speaking anyway... Let your wallet decide. 
Used Market Savings vs. The Dealer Experience
+1 ebm, so rewarding indeed! 
McCormack is my grail!
All of the McCormack equipment is very underrated IMO, and I hope Steve gets back to building his own equipment again someday.  I spent a lot of time with a DNA-500, it did everything right. 
Esoteric K-03Xs Player
Don't listen to the K-01xs because you will never be able to forget how amazing it is.  :) 
Emotiva equipmet, how good is it?
I echo the sentiments here.  All the Emotiva stuff I've heard is mid-fi at best.  Bright, tinny and hollow.It's funny how many people will chase "giant killers"... every few months there's a new one to empty their wallets when they would be better... 
ML 33h vs 33 vs A-50V on Mbl 101E
I think he's saying he heard your 101E's on Musical Fidelity AMS100 amps. 
ML 33h vs 33 vs A-50V on Mbl 101E
Why thank you, I appreciate that.  Hope your holidays are great too.  Enjoy your new amp(s), whatever you decide to go with.*cough* 33's *cough* 
ML 33h vs 33 vs A-50V on Mbl 101E
The 33 is just better in every way than the 33h from my recollection. I think you'd be smitten with either, but if you're considering the two and budget isn't a concern, then go with the 33's otherwise you will always be wondering... 
Education: Best place for Audio Engineering?
You can learn a lot about acoustics in the Navy.  But then again you will probably be underwater for months at a time. 
The Levinson 33h? Pros and cons?
tmbenn6 posts12-11-2018 9:16pmPrice points lol is that your thing just troll people and ask stupid questions 12,20,50  ---YES!  I'm pretty sure it's just a bot trying to get the post count record! 
All in one Pre/Power/Streaming/DAC or Streaming Preamp/DAC combo ~$2k-4k recommendations
The Micromega AS400 is a killer unit, although it doesn't do everything you ask (Tidal) - but it does have Airplay and sounds fantastic.  I use mine with a Focal Dome 2.1system and it sounds amazing. 
TIDAL-Who knows what you are hearing? Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
I also look at my DAC to tell me the bitrate.  So far I've been very happy with Tidal. 
My amp is toast
FWIW, I loved my ML336 and would still have it had the caps not failed on me.  I didn't want to deal with that type of maintenance but loved the amplifier.