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Looking for a pre-amp (Pass, ARC, BAT, Sim, PS Audio)
Add Ayre to your list. 
Hidden Gems in Pre-Owned Solid State Power Amplifiers?
The Proceed HPA series are fantastic, but be careful as they are getting quite old and may need to be recapped. 
Mark Levinson integrated powerhouse with all the bling
It's very popular to bash ML, it reminds me of the Bose bashing.  You aren't a true audiophile unless you talk down both brands.  It's utter nonsense but it must make the people doing the bashing feel oh-so superior to those of us who like ML. 
$27,500 for whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???
To be fair, cranberry pearl IS a really snazzy color!! 
Please help me decide...
I think adding a sub will give you the biggest improvement at your budget.  I like the SVS SB-1000.Good luck! 
Meridian 800 DVD/CD Version 4
I have always liked Meridian players.  I would check with Meridian to see if they still support it should it be required, I would imagine they do as they keep their products going for a long time.  I heard the 800 a long time ago but remember it b... 
Reliability of Cary Audio Products
That’s why they are still in business :-) If you ever picked up a phone and talked to either CEO Billy Wright or any other Cary staff member you would know that they are still passionate about audio. I’m very familiar with Cary, and what I’ve wat... 
Used Levinson 532H or Krell FPB 400CX
I was not impressed with any of the "h" stuff from Levinson. The Krell is a better amp IMO but I think the FBP is pretty long in the tooth unless it’s recently been redone.There is a used pair of JC1 mono's for $5k, there probably is some wiggle r... 
Reliability of Cary Audio Products
Their whole corporate ethos changed after Dennis Had left--it's like two different companies, pre- and post- that event.Completely agree.  The current Cary is run by an accountant and it shows. 
Purchased new speakers, need amp suggestion
I'll second the Parasound recommendation by @helomech 
Goodbye iTunes for Mac
I've been on Catalina for about a week now and no complaints.  I use a mac-mini server streaming Tidal but haven't upgraded it yet.  Never been an iTunes fan and only use when I need to. 
See Ayre QB-9 Twenty Upgrade Announcement
I know!  It's killing me to see how good it sounds with the new updates. 
See Ayre QB-9 Twenty Upgrade Announcement
Anyone heard this yet? 
$1300-1500 DAC
Another vote for Ayre. 
Completely agree with @moto