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Which area of components to spend the most $ on? Boy I was wrong all my life!
"For 25 years, I was taught to spend the most in speakers. Sorry! It’s the FRONT END! The best source you can afford. The purity transcends down the river."Amen - I agree 100% with this. 
AirPlay - "Best" solution help...
"im sure the Micromega is “killer”. For $4,500, it better be...;-)"Yeah, but it's an all in one, so you can sell off the rest of your system.  :) 
AirPlay - "Best" solution help...
The Micromega AS400 is a KILLER, KILLER piece. 
Esoteric A100 Service Nightmare
"You could ask the guys on the Esoteric Forum @ AudioAficionado.comOne of the members may have already gone through this."Actually it's .org, not .com.I had to get a new drive put into my DV-50 and it was done in California. I've heard about the ... 
Which would you choose; Pass 250.8, arc 75SE or luxman m900u?
Quite the contrary, I do listen to those who have spent their hard earned cash on a product - like I have.  I do not however trust a salesman who just picked up a new line that is suddenly the end all be all now that they carry it.  Where was all ... 
Which would you choose; Pass 250.8, arc 75SE or luxman m900u?
Certainly you can see the difference between a consumer who has a different opinion and a dealer trying to hard sell the OP, right?  If you can't then you may want to spend some time thinking about it. 
Which would you choose; Pass 250.8, arc 75SE or luxman m900u?
For the even more enlightened, taking a thread completely off topic and steering it to products you represent that the OP never had ANY interest in - will result in readers criticism... and rightly so.This crosses the line between providing inform... 
Do I need a specific type of 4 gauge wire for my monoblock amp?
Yep, an oldie but a goodie.  I have a single JL 10 driven by a bridged Rockford Punch 200 and it slams!  I love old school car audio. 
Which would you choose; Pass 250.8, arc 75SE or luxman m900u?
@oddiofyl Be careful, your posts will start mysteriously disappearing like mine have been.. 
Is now a good time to buy a pre-owned DAC?
I'll second the Ayre recommendation.  Don't overlook the QB-9 DSD, it still is an outstanding performer and a steal on the used market. 
Cambridge Audio products unreliable/unsupported?
I had a CA AVR that required service, but it was handled easily by my dealer.  It was by far the best sounding receiver I've ever heard. 
Has anyone compared Ayre K-1x to Pass X-1
The Ayre K-1x is a fantastic preamp, better than that KX-5.  I haven't spent much time with the Twenty version however.Between it and the Pass X-1 I give the nod to the Ayre.  The X-1 is very good however, but my memory was that the Ayre was just ... 
Pass Labs X250.8 or MC452 ?
I've owned 10T's for a very long time and the best match I've found for them is the Parasound JC1 mono's.If you're totally committed to the Pass or Mac, then the choice is easy - Pass.The JC1 is a better match than the 250.8 however. 
Krell XD gear in the House Initial Impressions
"HK Fan, wow if an end user posted this you would have no problem would you. "Absolutely not.  A consumer doesn't have a vested interest in publishing glowing reviews.  A dealer can't say that now can they?  It's disingenuous at best and I'm happy... 
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