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Upgrade path from Wilson WattPuppy 7s? - seeking advice
I’ve got countless hours with most of the D3 series and I find them to be overly analytical and sterile sounding with most sources and amplification. The Wilson Sophia 2’s I owned were much warmer and inviting compared to the 802 D2’s they replace... 
Tekton Double Impacts
His review was good and honest. I didn’t agree with some points but it is still a great reference for future buyers. I don’t see that he has owned speakers anywhere near 30k for comparison so I found that bit confusing. His comments about being a ... 
Tekton Double Impacts
It is almost pointless to use it any other way. As a standalone DAC or using external amps the performance is mediocre and defeats the purpose of the design basically. I never had any luck experimenting.  
Tekton Double Impacts
I ran the TDAI-2170 as a secondary amp from 2015-2016. It’s greatest strength was bringing quality bass out of every speaker big or small. It was successful being paired with everything from PSB T3’s to B&W 803 D3’s. The results with standmoun... 
Not Enough Options for Auditioning Speakers
Impossible to recommend something that doesn't exist 
Not Enough Options for Auditioning Speakers
You owe it to yourself to find other speakers to demo. There are much better options out there with that budget.  
Anyone have issues with Revel Performa speakers
I had F208's with a Rotel RB-1090 for lows and Exposure 3010 S2 monoblocks for the upper. No issues whatsoever with playing loud.  
Tekton Double Impact & Comb Filtering
I invite anyone that questions the performance to put their system of equal or double the value up for comparison against the modest Pass Labs X250.5 & Double Impact pairing I have in my listening room at the moment. If you are passing through... 
Zu def 4 are they the best speaker made?
Has Zu started doing something different recently? people I trust have raved about the product but only in the last year or two.  
Tekton Double Impacts
I cancelled my Mini Ulf order as I felt things were not being done in a timely matter considering I received a damaged pair of Double Impacts over 2 months ago and have been waiting for a resolve ever since. IMO Tekton is making the best sounding ... 
Tekton Double Impacts
@jarcopo I liked the AHB2 but not enough to keep it. I was persuaded to take it home as my friend didn't like his and wanted to sell it cheap. No complaints on the performance it just didn't jive with my system. Did you get to try it with Double I... 
What integrated can replace over -bright exposure 3010?
That is not a bright amp whatsoever. The issue lies somewhere else in the chain.  
Comparing Goldenear Aon 2 and Totem Rainmakers
The Sky is a great speaker for the price point so I expect the tower version to be even better. It has a really wide dispersion compared to the other Totem models which makes it sound bigger than similar sized speakers. It is fairly easy to drive ... 
Your thoughts about ATC loudspeakers
@mofojo the SCM 40 v2. has perfect integration, amazing mids and sounds great turned up. You can get carried away with them easily. The only negatives are that it’s not a full range speaker, for example entire sections of a Bjork album won’t be he... 
Tekton Double Impacts
Crappy! I figured it was just my pair that got damaged during shipping. Has anyone else in the thread had this happen as well? I really like the injected foam they use in Zu Audio packaging.