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London Howling Wolf Sessions
Muddy Waters also has a London Session album..."clearly something was going on" ... with Clapton and the gang pulling their heros together.......Yes something was going on,Clapton and others were turning on Americans to their own music.That Music ... 
"Pictures at an Exhibition"
ELP of Course ! 
What is the best doors album in your opinion?
The "Doors" followed closly by "Strange Days".I remember buying them as they came out.And seeing them live at the time in LA.I was at The Hollywood Bowl show that is now a DVD.JD, Formally a Hippie Type,Now an older Hippie type. 
Blu-Spec Kind Of Blue
Everyone sell me your old tech SACD's,Dvd-A's cheap and jump on the Blu-Spec Bandwagon.Guess I'll be buying K O B and Blue Train again and many of the usual suspects.I need help.JD 
Caravan - does anyone listen anymore?
I still listen to a lot of Prog Rock,Including Caravan and Camel.Caravan released a album in 2003 titled :An Unauthorised Breakfast item" Great album and OUTSTANDING Burning Lead Guitar.Excellent sound quality and mix also.Pick it up! JD 
Best Canadian Made Whiskey
My Mother also drank CC and other blended like Kessler etc.Lots of women loved it,nice and mellow.I personally like Makers Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon made Sour Mash Style.Its the bottle with the top dipped in red wax.Hand made in small batches... 
Best internet radio
Peace http://www.techwebsound.com/ 
Best internet radio
#1 http://www.kcrw.com/?now=music&sched=music Check Morning becomes Eclectic Live and archives for many live guests.Expand your musicial horizons.Listen to this also: http://auralmoon.com/ 
Blues from the 50s/60s/70s
Howlin Wolf was overlooked here.Also get the 1st 4 Taj Mahal lp's.Start with above and have fun.JD 
Highly Recommended CHILL OUT CDs???
10-23-08: DedicatedaudioHello, not in the style of Bliss[[SO WHY MENTION IT]], but Budda Bar, Chill out in Paris Vol 1 is my favorite of the Budda Bar Series. Be sure it is Vol 1 containing 2 discs - Chill and Burn. Currently out of print but avai... 
What is the best band ever?
The Monkee's !! 
Is music quality moving away from the "audiophile"
Yes,Started when the CD format came out.JD 
Rant- Ebay seller and the cost of shipping 1 cd.
Current E Bay announcement when listing:CD's DVD's Attention Seller! Starting in October, the maximum shipping cost in this category will be $3.00. You'll be asked to enter a shipping cost less than or equal to this cost for the first U.S. flat ra... 
For all you Lounge Lizards
I would add very Strongly "Air",The French Band[ALL] and Peace Orchestra and Hooverphonic.JD 
Question about vintage Marantz 22xx power output
Last 2 digits are watts per ch. 2270 = 70 watts per ch. 2252 52 watts per ch. The 2325 is 125 Watts per ch..These are RMS watts[The Real Thing] and usually put out more than advertised.Do an internet search.There is a site that has them all listed.JD