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looking for the best music CDR's
[[Last year when it became clear that music CDR's may go extinct.]]Could you elaborate on this.1st I've heard.I find it hard to believe they will disappear any time soon.....There's a guy over at AA that bought a back up Universal player and store... 
best artists in the last 15 years
1.Air-The French Band Every Album A Masterpiece.2.Porcupine Tree Only 12 of their albums are Great!3.Gov't Mule Beta Band,Flaming Lips and Radiohead are very Good !And in Prog Rock "ANGLAGARD" with a Bullet !Search the Forum here and AA for in dep... 
OPPO 980 h dvd mod?
http://www.tweakaudio.com/ Ric Shultz Best value for the $ IMHO.Others twice as expensive.Twice the improvment?I doubt it.Again My opinion.If you are going to spend more than $350 on mods I'd get the Oppo 983.JD 
Any new reviews on the Oppo 983?
Which new OPPO DVD player is the one to get?
Correcting RW.The 980 does have HDMI and also Component.981 NO Component.Their site: http://www.oppodigital.com/?partner=yahoo&OVRAW=oppo&OVKEY=oppo&OVMTC=standard&OVADID=6871769511&OVKWID=40390892011The 980 is supposed to be b... 
best rock voices
Steve Marriott ,Any one heard of him? 
Prog Rock.....Porcupine Tree?
Their early albums were Steven Wilson by himself,The music psychedelic.Then with The Sky moves Sideways,Pink Floyd influnced.Signify they started rocking out,Stupid Dream,A Masterpiece finds them very Beatlesque with The song Don't Hate me,Think P... 
Fvorite pop/rock albums of all time
Allman Brothers "Live at the Filmore East"It's very difficult to top this album in ANY catagory in which it fits....Blues/Jazz,Blues Rock,Pop,Live Album etc. 
CD Player: "Love at First Listen" recommendation
Your question should be which manufacturer breaks in their player 100 plus hours before selling.Electronics/parts have to break in before sounding their best.If you are Wowed in the beginning enjoy it briefly because the sound is going to change u... 
High frequency ringing caused by drivers?
Sounds like microphonic driver tubes..JD 
Anyone like the new Spocks Beard?
"Neal Morse is on this CD,he's back with the group".Huh? Hes not listed on their website as being on their latest release or back with the group.. 
Denon 2930ci Looks Like Crap on 1080P LCD?
Check the avsforum and see how the OPPO DVD Player works with your TV. Oppo 981 or 970.Oppo may be to good also. oppo.com JD 
Denon 2930ci Looks Like Crap on 1080P LCD?
Look up the Toshiba and the Denon here. http://www.avsforum.com The best place for video ?'sDoes the older Denon not upconvert and the newer one does maybe?Let us know the solution when you find it.JD 
Tube replce for Music Reference RM-5?
JJ Electronics 6922 if you need a touch of warmth.JD 
joy killing refridgerator
I have a 72 avacado color refridge.[Almost NOS]Totally quiet and very cold.Never hear it 8 ft away from listening position,Don't hear it when in the Kitchen either.They just don't make'em like they used to.JD