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Jazz for aficionados
@wharfy I’ve heard they are due to being pressed on virgin vinyl. How true that is I can’t say. I do know I have been very happy with them. Some of the absolute best sounding records I own are from Three Blind Mice which are Japanese. YMMV  
Tubed preamps and Power amps- How old is too old???
I have a pair of Luxman MB3045s from 1974 that still sound spectacular.  As mentioned, tubes and caps are really the only parts of concern.  Have it tuned up and brought back in spec and it may out last you.  
Jazz for aficionados
@pjw81563 Definitely a couple of good ones there.  One that I don't see mentioned often and doesn't seem to get the love I think it deserves is Fantasia.    
Jazz for aficionados
@acman3 Thanks!  I can never get enough of Kenny Drew.  
Jazz for aficionados
@curiousjim Hands down my favorite pianist!  Is that an Amazon exclusive, I'm not familiar with it and nothing comes up on Discogs?  
What use to burn in power cords?
@jasonbourne71  “This is why people think audiophiles are nuts.” Exactly!  I only looked at this thread to read the ridiculous ideas that would be posted.  It did not disappoint.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Just finished Gilberto With Turrentine and wrapping up my night with Cannonball Adderley in Chicago.  
ARC SP-14 tube question
Thanks, @jasonbourne71 that's what I thought, but wanted a second opinion.  
Table,cartridge,phono...where to put most of my money?
If you’re not properly cleaning your records you’re just throwing good money after bad. Spend the 3K or so on a Degritter and you’ll see a bigger improvement than 3K could make anywhere else in your vinyl system. If you’re happy with the results, ... 
Interesting video on cables
Fascinating for sure!  I bet fakes of the genuine Apple cables are already in production in China if not already on eBay.  
Ultrasonic cleaning
I use an Audio Desk to clean using their cleaner.  I rinse using a Degritter with only their wetting agent (Rinse Aid).  Most records are dead silent or nearly so.  
Jazz for aficionados
@stuartk  Daniel Humair: Cool Trading with Attila Zoller and Mike Formanek - YouTube Wow -- this is great!!!! Do you happen to know whether this group released any recordings? Attila Zoller – Memories Of Pannonia Attila Zoller – Overcome (L... 
Does a record player make that much of a difference??
It all matters.  I my opinion the cartridge has the highest point of diminishing returns, but you need to have balance among all the components. My TT is the least expensive part of the system, though no slouch.  Phono Pre cost twice as much as t... 
@calvinj Yeah, I can see the Harbeths being the end of the road of me.  They do everything I want in a speaker so well.  
Some monstrosities with no identification  Large Advents Boston Acoustics A400 *** 30+ year break from HiFi *** Large Advents KLH Model 5 Harbeth Super HL5Plus XD