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Power cords known to produce good bass
Clarity Cable Vortex.  
Musical Fidelity or Michi for B&W 702
I use an Musical Fidelity ms8 preamp with Parasound Jc5 My vote would be the MX8i integrated .  
Preamp Recommendations For the Parasound JC 5 Amp
After mulling over tube/solid-state etc.. Jc2bp vs.etc.. I ended up with a Musical Fidelity Ms8 preamp with my Jc5 and after gauging the pairings tonal balance with my goal pursuing transparency and air  without sacrificing musicality for an analy... 
48gbps Hdmi 2.1 Cable Recommendations
DH Labs new Hybrid hdmi 2.1 cable and be done  
Which Line Level, Balanced Preamplifier?
Add the Musical Fidelity MS8 preamp to the short list , its clean ,layered , musical and dynamically an exciting piece to listen to, I have mine paired with an Parasound Halo JC5 and it's just a wow pairing.  
Advice for RCA Interconnect Upgrade?
If you haven’t already Acoustically treated the first reflection points in your room start there , as for cable upgrades I wouldn’t hesitate to go with Wire World Eclipse 8 ( Silver Eclipse was my choice after trying the Eclipse) just outstanding ... 
Where to put your best power cable?
Power amp  
Blu Ray player versus CD/SACD player.
What preamp are you using? and how is the Oppo connected to it?  
Transients hurting my ears on hifi solid state amps
@haskisoundi  Definitely a relationship between the two and no better than trying to listen when one has a sever cold. If you can get your allergies in an manageable state it will help with high pitched sounds as you won't be reacting to the wors... 
Transients hurting my ears on hifi solid state amps
Get an air purifier and take some allergy medicine stat !   
Wireworld Silver or Gold Eclipse 8 - IC or Speaker Cable?
Wire World really has something special going with the 8 series !  
Amp straight into the wall
Straight to the wall just sounds better for amps! Don't know why ! Just do!  
Wireworld Silver or Gold Eclipse 8 - IC or Speaker Cable?
I  just finished letting a set of rca and xlr Silver eclipses settle in my system over the last 3 weeks and  they are staying put for a long while. I tried the eclipse 8 version prior to the silver and could've lived with them but increasing the b... 
Infigo Audio Cables
@ricred1  I know where you stand of your views on reviews and respect that approach 100% and why I have Clarity Cable Vortex in my setup . Just want a little more as to why and what short comings they may have. I know sooner or later I would make... 
Infigo Audio Cables
Thanks @ozzy  I recently tried the WW Eclipse 8 xlr and rca's in my setup and liked them so much I sent them back and went up a level to the Silver Eclipse 8's and I'm not touching the results I got for a good while ! I trust the two you and know...