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Test CD s, which ones to get.
Get the Ayre !  
Infigo Audio Cables
@ricred1 ​​​​​@ozzy  Those are big claims coming from you two about the same cable . No cable is perfect ! and the cables I know the two of put the Infigo up against are no slouches by far and represent the best out there. Could you two share wea... 
Change of sound with Deoxit G100
Yes it will come back , one thing I always do after detoxit and or gold is to do an alcohol wipe when done to remove any excess.  
My Medium List of Amplifiers and my Personal Review of Each !
Kudos on the JC5 !  
Wireworld Eclipse 8 compared to Analysis Plus Solo Crystal
I tried the Eclipse 8 rca and XLR in my setup last month and came away so impressed at the imaging ,tone depth and width and just the flat out ability to resolve complex passages without loosing a hint of top to bottom coherence ! I did send them ... 
Would There be a Significant Difference
I would add the Musical Fidelity M8 preamp to the SS l short list.  
Storage of other speakers in the room, shorting them while not in use? Myth or true?
In multi purpose rooms like mine I leave my amps on that power my other speakers for hometheater to serve as a dynamic brake for the drivers while not in use.    
Sound quality stranger Things on Netflix
Levels are hot but was pretty fun!  
Looking for a preamp with XLR connections
The Musical Fidelity M8 preamp should be on your short list.  
New WIREWORLD Eclipse 8 series FULL REVIEW
@jgladden36  You may want to Morrow Audio a shot as what you describe what your looking for they may just be what your looking for.  
New WIREWORLD Eclipse 8 series FULL REVIEW
I'm currently running in WW Eclipse 8 rca's between my Marantz 30n sacd and Musical Fidelity Ms8 preamp and after about 200hrs I ordered the XLR's to go between the preamp and Halo JC5, the xlr's arrived yesterday and are currently running in. The... 
Torus vs AudioQuest Niagara
Nice write up! I'm looking to upgrade my power conditioner and the TOT series seems to be what I'm looking for as I want the least coloration of sound possible. I've long heard of Torus and may be time to get one in for an audition.  
Marantz SA-KI Ruby vs Denon DCS-A110 Anniversary Edition
I would seriously consider the Marantz 30n sacd as well but seeing the Ruby may still be had around the same price it's  great options to have . I ended up with the 30n sacd when choosing at this price point  and couldn't be happier!  
Any love for Musical Fidelity integrateds?
Indeed ! My Ms8 preamp is massively overbuilt and I do love its looks as well with the silver finish.  
Any love for Musical Fidelity integrateds?
After a long search for a preamp to pair with my Parasound halo JC5 I settled on the Musical Fidelity ms8 preamp and  it's a pairing that has me still floored by their musical prowess! I concur with the post above one should take a long hard look ...