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For classical music lovers best amp for large orchestral forces?
The Parasound Halo JC5 does it for me with both low level and powerful complex loud classical crescendo's with an iron fist grip and a playful nature between the two speakers with 3d imaging  .  Ivan Fisher's Mahler's 2nd from Channel Classics is ... 
Mixed Brand Pre-Amp Power Amp Pairings that Work
I'm running a Musical Fidelity MS8  preamp with a Parasound Halo JC5 with fantastic results.  
Classical Music for Aficionados
This simply beautiful and masterfully written and composed! I'm looking forward to more!   
Buying used: Parasound A21 or A21+ ?
A21 or A21+ ? go with the later so there will be no question especially if the funds allow for it.  
AudioQuest Hurricane and PS Audio AC12
I' still using my Dectet for my sources with the JC5 plugged directly to the wall. I plan to give the Niagra 1200 a shot one day . In the 4 gang duplex(20amp/10awg romex) I have for my gear one side has the Edison outlet which is just great and th... 
AudioQuest Hurricane and PS Audio AC12
I had my A21 paired with the AC12 and it was a synergistic match and I've tried a few against it from Shunyata Delta HC NR , Wireworld "Electra" ,Audio Envy's Ocean and the only one that came close was the Clarity Cable "Vortex". The AC12 is a tho... 
OLED Stands
It's real quality stuff  from fit to finish ,the Media stand I got weighs in at over 200lbs and great thing it came fully assembled !  
If you have a CD Player, you need to do this periodically...
Took me 2 months to get the Ayre disc in but well worth the wait  but really right on time as I had a new sacd player and preamp delivered just a few days later!  
Many higher end preamps are dated and ugly, why is this?
II'm rather fond of my Musical Fidelity Ms8 preamp and even the wife gave it compliments when unboxing saying it's beautiful !  
Looking for a change.
How about a Musical Fidelity Mi6  should be a great match with your setup.  
OLED Stands
I found this hidden gem furniture maker as I was looking for a media stand that would house my large center as well as my home theater gear while being lager enough without breaking the bank and had good looks to boot. Mission accomplished ! and ... 
Anthem STR Power Amp vs Parasound JC5
@auxinput  What preamp and speakers did you use with the Parasounds?  
Bascom H. King Passed
RIP Bascom Godspeed !  
How much $$ do bells and whistles add to preamp?
I would give the Musical Fidelity Ms8 preamp a hard long look.  
Anthem STR Power Amp vs Parasound JC5
^^^^No it won't sound warm/dry at all ! How long you had one again?