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Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?
An Onkyo C7030 makes for a nice transport.  Several years back they were selling  for under $200 on Amazon.  I paid $173 with a four year extended warranty. Under light use it's still working fine over six years later.  Perhaps you can find a used... 
Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear
I’ve owned my 1962 McIntosh MR65B FM tuner for close to 20 years. The MR65B is the first all tube stereo tuner manufactured by McIntosh. It’s all tube, built like a tank, sounds great, and IMO the MR65B is very nice looking. Mine also has the orig... 
A good cd transport for my Chord HugoTT2 DAC with Chord M-Scaler
Another excellent choice for playing Redbook CDs would be a Naim CDi.  I still have my late Dad's and it's a great sounding CD player which can be had for around a  $1000US in nice condition. Naim no longer repairs them but I believe that there ar... 
The $10,000 Question
I’d consider the Quicksilver audio integrated built by Mike Sanders. It’s $2495 which leaves you left with a remaining budget of $7500 for speakers. 👍  
Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.
Just a thought.. If you’re interested in getting more bass from your system you might try a tone control like the schiit lokius. They can make a significant improvement in tailoring the sound of your system to your liking and for a lot less than ... 
Best Circa 90's CDP
Naim CDi compact disc player.  Was $4000 in 1992.  Built like a tank and sounds great. Need to find a source for the laser mechanism if it fails though, as  Naim no longer stocks them.   
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
First read Tony's articles in The Absolute Sound Magazine decades ago. A very  talented man and insightful audio reviewer.  May he rest in peace. 🙏🏼  
Speakers to pair with Quicksilver mid mono
I have a pair of QS Minimite Monoblocks purchased new in 2006. I use mine with a vintage pair of KEF Reference Series Model 101 speakers which are a great pairing.    
Jim Winey (Magnepan) has passed away.
  Another legend in the high end audio business has passed on.  Throughout the decades Jim's contributions to this wonderful hobby have been substantial.  May Jim Rest In Peace....  
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
I used to do this with a pair of 15 ohm Rogers LS3/5A's and the difference was significant.  Imaging improved substantially. The only issue is that in order to benefit you have to sit directly where the axis of the speakers meet, otherwise the ima... 
Best Amplifier for LS3/5a
The best sounding amplifier that I used with my 15 ohm Rogers LS3/5A's was a pair of Naim 135 monoblocks along with a Naim 72/Hicap.  Driven by a Naim CDi, that system was so musical! 👍  
Very good AES presentation on inter connects and ground loops.
Hope you enjoy it and Happy New Year!! 😊  
The dangerous world of Reel-to-Reel Tape
As I'm getting older I appreciate convenience whenever possible.  This is also true regarding audio, where I stream most of my music.. However,  I still enjoy listening to my Nakamichi ZX7 from time to time.  It produces far more distortion than m... 
When to choice XLR over RCA ICs.
As I understand it the primary reason for using XLR cables over RCA cables is to prevent a ground loop from occurring.  This is especially true when using long runs of audio cable (25 feet or more), which is why XLR cables are standard in professi... 
Keep my 1996 bryston 4B or get a new 4B
Since you recently sent your 4B  back to Bryston for a repair you should  be good for another 20 years.  If you're happy with your system you can save your money. Or if you feel your system still needs improvement put it into your source. Most imp...