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Anyone catch news about The Fine Sounds Group?
Will the new owners group be primarily US? Fine Sounds was Italian owned. 
Care to recommend a preamp?
When I replaced my VK 31SE with the MP 3 the veil was lifted. My Soundlabs A 3's opened up. I had a pair of VK 55's paired with the atma-sphere. I suppose, synergy comes into play ..... Once again, many updates have been instituted since the 31 wa... 
Care to recommend a preamp?
I suggest looking at the Atma-sphere MP 3. It doesn't have a remote and has an excellent phonostage.If you can find one with Teflon caps and upgraded regulator you would have a very dynamic and transparent preamp. Usually sells for around 2600. Ra... 
Fast forward 25 years, what will audio be like?
Schubert; as Mark Twain would say go to "Heaven for the climate and hell for the company." 
Fast forward 25 years, what will audio be like?
Music will remain timeless no matter which genre one prefers. If it takes you to "that place". 
Fast forward 25 years, what will audio be like?
Entry level system 1.5 million dollars 
Linn Sondek phono cable
I found the Audioquest Leopard to be a much better phono cable than the Linn T Cable. The Leopard comes in several lengths. 
BAT preamp: Rex to Rex-2 upgrade
I know if you have to ask you can't afford it but, how much for the update? 
The best preamp for Rouge M-180
Try An atma-sphere preamp. Fast, neutral and balanced. 
Solid State to replace Audio Research REF110?
Dbarger, for $40,000 those amps (ref 610- 750's) ought to have a clapper! As we all know audio companies seldom if ever will post failure rates or repair statistics. My point is for the kind of money one pays for the Ref 110 - 175 or for any tube ... 
Solid State to replace Audio Research REF110?
I found the bigger BAT solid state amps to compete very favorably with the ARC gear. Balanced Audio and VTL have an auto bias system that goes a long way toward solving the burnt resistor problem. BAT has a fuse less system now that will open befo... 
Do Rega arms work well with LP12s?
The Ekos is a great arm and no more "finicky" than the Ittok. The Ittok is a great value when compared to the Ekos. Ekos has closer tolerance bearing, resolves the upper and lower frequencies better. Not by an order of magnitude but cleaner to my ... 
DAC suggestions for Bryston B 100 integrated?
Why not use a bryston BDA 2? 
Best cartridge for sme 312S tonearm
You have many choices with the adjustable gain on your 1201. I don't know what the best would be but I have used a Dynavector XX2 MKII with good results. A couple others might be a Shelter or a ZYX. My 312S is on an Technics SP 10 MK II with the K... 
cd player recommendation
Juszat-- There is a 24 bit BAT VKD 5SE with superpak listed for $2,065. The superpak isn't mentioned in the description but if you look at the photos you can see those big silver cans thru the cover. I contacted the seller and requested the serial...