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Another audio dealer closes his shop
Yes, competition is ruthless. I tend to think the manufacturer is a big part of the problem as well. It is difficult to draw more people into this hobby when the price of admission becomes more costly. For example an entry level preamp is $7000. F... 
Jazz for aficionados
Wolf_garcia: "a tawdry sax that leads to unwanted pregnancies" proves the boys ain't shooting blanks. Please list some of the bands that you have recorded and a blog or website where we can purchase the music. For baritone sax Gerry Mulligan Sexte... 
Phono Preamp Gain Question
Tee shot: Your question is difficult as there is no specific answer without taking into all of your components from cartridge to speakers. I have a cartridge that has .28 db of gain. My phono stage high gain is 60 db but that is not nearly enough ... 
The Audio Research Reference 10 is here $30k
Uh, I wonder if I could trade my pickup straight across for this new sonic marvel? This hobby is becoming way to expensive. 
Interconnect recommendations
I second the PAD museums recommendation . I would Los suggest buying a cable of interest and if it isn't your cup of tea, selling it vs "the cable company." 
BAT vk-p3 phono install
If your patient, the VK P5 shows up from time to time. I have seen them priced from $1000-$1500 depending on upgrades. The P5 with the 10SE output upgrade is worthwhile. I have heard the p3 in a VK 31 and the P5 with several different systems and ... 
upscale audio is this legal?
I have bought gear from Kevin and found him to be arrogant ass. There are or were several threads concerning his attitude. On the other hand, I do think a year and a half is pushing the limit to resolve an issue. This issue should have been dealt ... 
Dynavector XX Mk II
I use a SUT with this cartridge. My phono stage had 58 db of gain and the dynavector lacked dynamics. K & K has a SUT that can be set at 14 db and would put your total at 72. After inserting the step up I had all the dynamics and gain with a m... 
Tube rolling Bat vk-3i
The Orange Globe made in Holland 7308 Amperex was my favorite in the VK 3's. Another less expensive and "less glamorous" tube than the Amperex that displayed good balance in my system was the 6922 Matsushita. It was built using Mullard tooling tha... 
LP12 owners: Anyone try the Tiger-Paw Khan yet?
Never tried the tiger-paw. Another intriguing "after market" upgrade is the subchassis made by Green Street Audio. It is a Klone that for 875 will compete with the "Keel" and leaves one wondering why anyone would pay retail for the keel. 
BAT VK-55 monoblock retube
For my 55 mono's I buy my 6C33's from Partsconnexion and the 6SN7/ 68HC where I can get a good price. Sylvania's are a good tube as well as the Raytheon. I drive "hot rodded" Soundlabs and the Raytheon 6SN7's are my preference. 
BAT VK31 owner where are you?
Audionuts, the white labels are on par with the Orange globe. I liked them as well. The expense was prohibitive for me. The Bugle Boys are a nice tube but I never rolled them into the 31. When I plugged the 7308 Orange Globes in I never changed. 
BAT VK31 owner where are you?
The VK 31 uses six 6922's. That preamp does not use a 6SN7. Having said that I recommend the Amperex orange globe 7308, Holland made tubes. They exhibit great balance top to bottom. I owned the 31 for several years and for a mid priced 6922 the Mi... 
Amp suggestions for sofia's
Balanced Audio has been paired with Wilson's with very good results. The VK 75SE falls under your price range. 
Review: Balanced Audio VK P10 SE w/ Super Pak Tube preamp
Greetings,Do you still have BAT instructions on biasing the P10SE after rolling tubes? If so, could you please send me the info.Regards