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Interconnects for Nordost Valkyrja speaker cables
On a pair of Vandersteen 5A and a pair of Atma Sphere MA-1, Stealth Hybrid MLT, Zu Ibis, and Audience Au24 all gave us better tonal balance than the Valhalla. It is an overpriced and overrated cable in both speaker wire and interconnect iterations. 
Classe CA-200 and B&W 805N combo??
Skip the B&W. Look at Green Mountain Audio, Silverline, Zu, JM Reynaud, Tyler, JM Lab, Gallo, etc. for more speaker at less money. You'll also need less power for most of these speakers which could mean a nice tube amp. Good luck. 
Interconnects for Nordost Valkyrja speaker cables
I have no agenda with Nordost and agree with Mapleleaf. I find Nordost and Valhalla especially, to be quite grainy. They may sound good in some systems but only due to other flaws therein. The highs are very fatigueing and with any highly resolvin... 
Cartridge for Interspace
IMO the Shelter is tonally fuller than the Dyna 20 but certainly is not quick. As a matter of fact, none of the Shelters are particularly quick in the Zyx, Benz, and higher end Dyna context. 
Is the EMM DAC6e or DCC2 /CDSD the best out there?
Guidocorona,This appears to be an issue between posters other than yourself. I suggest you stay out of it. You are not a moderator and as such have no business asking somebody else to "avoid" anything. Thank you. 
How's aboutnthese new Diamond B&W's???
>>Personally, your comments are of no value<<Only if, unfortunately, somebody happens to be you. What a drag that must be. Thank you; I get a good laugh reading your posts. 
B&W Rip-Off
>>Well, since they sell mega bucks in loudspeakers<<Chevrolet sells mega bucks in cars too. What's your point? Big sales make great products or great designs? See my Chevrolet analogy above. Thank you. 
How's aboutnthese new Diamond B&W's???
>>Brianmgrarcom Yes, we should all listen to Judy<<I'm pleased you've put that faith in me. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope I saved you from purchasing any Bowsers and Wafflers. 
16 ohms speakers- 8 ohms output amp
William7 is a dealer for Eastern Electric. He failed to disclose this in his post. Thank you. 
How's aboutnthese new Diamond B&W's???
Reviews are meaningless unless the component is heard in your room, in your system, with your ears. Besides, with the products, money, lunches, dinners, and vacations changing hands it's impossible for a clear thinking person to believe anything h... 
Is Star Sound Technologies out of business?
Holly, If you need new isolation equipment, try the Adona gear advertised on Audiogon. It is equal to or better than the its' higher priced competitor discussed here. 
How's aboutnthese new Diamond B&W's???
>>Now here's a magazine one can put a lot of stock in<<Yeah, bet the farm on those guys. Check out that bridge in Brooklyn that's for sale too. 
You might be an audiophile if...
........your posting on this thread instead of eating Thanksgiving dinner.:-) 
Dynavector 17D2MKII vs. XX-2
The Space Arm is a good match for the 17D2. It will handle the XX-2 adequately but to fully realize it's capabilities a better tonearm is required. The Space Arm, however, is clearly superior to the JMW-9. 
B&W Rip-Off
Who would WANT to rip off a B&W design?