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Acoustic Progressive Rock
Matchstikman, The earlier Strawbs albums i.e. GRAVE NEW WORLD, BURSTING AT THE SEAMS, HERO AND HEROINE, and GHOSTS are dominated by a lot of electric guitar and keyboard work. I happen to love HERO AND HEROINE. Give it a few more listens. Try 2 of... 
KRELL KSA 50 100 150 0r 250.
Buy an amp made by Nelson Pass and forget this Krell nonsense. More musical, more reliable, more for your money. 
B&W 703 - How to tame the highs?
>>Bashing ones system without having heard it is pointless and petty<<Big mistake my little friend. Nobody bashed anybody's system. I'm taking issue with the manufacturer's product. Let's understand that first. Secondly, I reiterate, B... 
B&W 703 - How to tame the highs?
Snofun3 is spot on with the Martin Logan suggestion. However, you may need to replace the Six Pacs to take full advantage of the ML's. In any case, the ML is a BIG upgrade over the 703 and will need a lot less power than the 800 series which are u... 
Has anyone heard the Ref 3?
>>Oneobgyn writes .....Those who pontificate about preamps rate the Ref3 as one of the top 3 in the market today--the other two being VTL 7.5 and the CJ ACT 2.Obviously you haven't heard the Audio Note Kondo M-77, Supratek Grange, Lamm L2, a... 
Tyler Accoustics....a true pleasure to deal with..
>>there are more jerks than not in this business.<<.....and in the hobby as well. 
What speaker cables work well with Nordost Valhall
There are many many speaker wire choices that will cost far less and outperform Valhalla. It is an overpriced and overhyped product. Look at Acoustic Zen, Ridge Street, Stealth, Audience, Staightwire, Virtual Dynamics, etc. as much better values.G... 
Which Tube Preamp under $10K?
Raquel, A capitol idea if I must say so myself. 
B&W 703 - How to tame the highs?
Harsh and accurate are two different concepts. You have inferred from my accurate comments that they are harsh. Not so. First, the overall sonic signature of the B&W line is one of lacking musicality. Advocates call them precise and detailed. ... 
B&W 703 - How to tame the highs?
>>I will be trading up in July, 2006. Most likely to the B&W 800 series<<Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Furthermore, you'll need monster amplification for a similiar sonic signature. There are so many f... 
Audiophiles... Why Men? Any woman here?
>>Women are shopping for cloths that rival some of the most expensive audio gear - specifically purses and shoes<<I promise you that our clothes not "cloths" as you so nicely write, do not cost 5K and upward. Purses and shoes are a dif... 
B&W 703 - How to tame the highs?
>>I really thought it would hard to have harsh highs with tube equipment, but I do<<All you need is a low quality speaker like the 703. You learned the hard way. Don't give up. Sell 'em and move up the audio food chain. 
B&W 703 - How to tame the highs?
The Cary Six Pacs are nice amps for the money. Consider selling the B&W. There are far better choices for the money. Good luck. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Last Night:End of the InnocenceLamb Lies Down (sides 1 and 3)Prisoner in DisguiseSongs for BeginnersSgt. Pepper 
Cream at Madison Square Garden
Blblues68 unfortunately all bodies do not wear at the same rate. Some people have great knees when they are 50; I am not so lucky. At Cream's peak Bruce was unquestionably the better vocalist. However, today as my knees have deteriorated more than...