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Best wishes for Tom Petty
 there are some reports saying that Tom Petty may still be clinging to life? 
Should there be concern?
  Yes I have seen this alot lately.  I didn't know you could block or get blocked by anyone on this site. 
Silly prices for Nordost cables
  Not silly if people actually pay for them 
Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
Are these cords really that good?  Can they compete with the upper end of purist audio cords.  I am looking to get a purist but may try one of these now,  thanks 
Are future improvements in Amp/PreAmps slowing to a crawl?
  I agree with you unsound, class D has come a long way in the last few years,  I have purchased 2 digital amp company amps and his amps just keep getting better 
Incredible deal on incredible amp
  Wish I had 6 grand burning a hole in my pocket 
A vote for the little guy suppliers
Tyler acoustics                                                                                              Digital Amp Company                                                                                  Gabriel Gold 
More crazy audio tweaks?
 those products rock, the crystal valcano looks like candy 
recommendations for amplifiers that don't emit tons of heat
  I use a digital amp company cherry plus amp.  Very clean and powerful and runs cool.  I pair it with a tube preamp and it sound very nice 
Any PS Audio PPP owners upgrade to P5 regenerator?
  Nice report on the p5.  I have the ppp and am looking to upgrade to the p5 or p10 if I can find a nice deal for a used one.  I would suggest that you ask this question on the ps audio forum because you will probably get more input.  I think ps a... 
musica bella tube preamp
  I have just changed out the stock tubes and got some amperex pinched waist tubes.  This has been an amazing upgrade.  I had no idea that changing tubes would make this much difference.  Everything improved but especially the midrange and bass.  ... 
Class D is just Dandy!
  I am on my second amp from the digital amp company.  They don't get much fanfare here on audiogon but the cherry plus amp is awesome.  Very clear and just a tad bit warm and laid back, plus it is very powerful.  Very happy with mine 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
  Just wanted to say thanks to oregonpapa for the cd recommendations.  I just love the Red Novo sound and looking to get some more.  I'm not sure if this is Big Band or jazz but I really am enjoying my new cd. 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
  hello,  since there is a good jazz discussion going on in this thread,  I heard a recording the other day by Red Norvo and Mildred Bailey,(jump jump step I think it was).  Can anyone recommend a got cd to get featuring these artist.   
musica bella tube preamp
this preamp keeps getting better and better.  I still have the stock jj tubes and am about ready to try some mullard tubes.  This pre is slightly on the warm side and laid back sounding, which is good for my system.  I can listen for hours without...