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Why leave feedback if the Audiogon team is just going to remove it?
audiofreak, the way you conduct yourself on this forum,  I would never buy or sell with you.  You are rude 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
some of you guys never sleep do you? 
PS Audio PWT - cd transport
 Hello,  my pwt has froze a couple of times in the 5 or 6 years I have had it but it is not much of a problem to just turn it off and then back on.  It is a very nice transport otherwise 
musica bella tube preamp
  I have the solid state power supply.  I really like this preamp so far.  It is still breaking in and soundstage seems to be expanding and it is becoming more laid back but still very nice detail.  I have been looking for different tubes online a... 
Would you sell to someone with no feedback?
Is this a review? 
Gabriel gold
  Mark, the raptures are good but in my opinion the newer reflections are better 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
  I have the beeswax fuse in my preamp,  in my system they are a big improvement, worth every penny I payed for them 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
I agree with flechler, but it is also easy to just ignore them. 
Best excuse for playing loud music?
  may neighbor has a dog that barks alot.  We have an unspoken agreement I ignore his dog, he ignores my loud music 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
  wolf garcia,  we get it you think that fuses are snake oil,  I have nothing to prove to you, believe what you want, but have you tried a beeswax fuse, probably not. 
Absolute Sound - do we really need another review like this?
  I have not read any of those mags in a while.  I tend to trust reviews that come from everyday audiophiles rather than a magazine review 
Do you admit that you ever enjoyed listening to:
  Yes and some of my audiophile friends listening to these artist also.  I would say Bread is my least favorite on your list.  I would add Kenny Loggins to the list also 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
  for those of you that are interested in the audio magic beeswax shd fuse compared to the synergistic red fuse,  I have had mine going for a couple days now.  At first there wasn't much of a change in sound than with the red fuse.  After 2 longs ... 
Gabriel gold
  Hey Steve, good to here.  Looking foward to hearing some of your latest cables 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
I have synergistic red fuse in my preamp, and I just ordered a audio magic shd beeswax fuse to replace it.  Hoping it will add further improvement to my sound